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The Excalibur MB Titanium is a modern interpretation of an icon: visually powerful yet remarkably light.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Monobalancier Titanium – The power of lightness

Roger Dubuis brings a new masterpiece into the world of watchmaking as it unveils the Excalibur Monobalancier (MB) Titanium, a remarkable blend of material mastery, expressive design, and horological expertise. Crafted from titanium Grade 5, the hyper-modern timepiece is a strikingly light variation of the iconic original Excalibur MB, boasting peak levels of comfort, aesthetics, and performance. On a journey towards excellence, the Maison continues to play with its own codes, and now invites you to discover the freeing power of lightness.

Showcasing its game-reinventing approach, Roger Dubuis crafts its iconic Excalibur MB anew from titanium. 33% lighter than stainless steel and legendary for its strength-to-weight ratio, the space-age metal boasts many innate benefits: from its naturally soft and hypoallergenic nature, to its high anti-corrosion and anti-magnetic properties. Skin-friendly, comfortable, and durable, titanium is the finest choice for connoisseurs searching for a timepiece fit for modern living.

The timepiece’s bracelet is also crafted with titanium

Roger Dubuis’ watchmakers continue to perfect the art of technical material mastery, crafting the bezel and the case in the Maison’s complex and expressive signature shape despite the challenges brought by working with a soft metal like titanium Grade 5. To ensure that the timepiece is just as expressive at night as during the day, SuperLuminova® is applied on the hour markers, the tips of the hands, and the logos.

To achieve a fully metallic look, the timepiece’s bracelet is also crafted with titanium. Utilising expertly shortened links, this subtle articulation rework has a big impact, with better adhesion to the wrist. An evolution that entirely enhances the way the bracelet rests and moves when worn would not be complete without the signature quick release system, ensuring both comfort and versatility for the owner wherever they choose to wear it.

Modern and edgy, the Excalibur MB Titanium is adorned with a premium matte metallic sheen that is complemented by shiny polished bevels on the bracelet. Creating this crisp contrast showcases the continued technical prowess of the watchmakers, overcoming the challenges coming from titanium. Attention to detail is pushed further still with the case’s central lug featured on the bracelet links demonstrating even more harmonious aesthetics. Hallmarked with the Poinçon de Genève, each element of the timepiece is meticulously hand-finished with the utmost care. Exceptionally light and comfortable, it perfectly adapts to the most demanding lifestyles. Living your most epic life every single day has never been easier.

The Excalibur MB Titanium by Roger Dubuis is a modern interpretation of an icon

To exceed expectations in fine watchmaking, the movement of a timepiece must match its aesthetics. The Excalibur MB Titanium offers the perfect balance of both. Powered by the automatic RD720SQ, it features a calibre already well-known for its breathtaking performance. The micro-rotor is designed to minimise vibrations, while the remarkable inertia of its balance wheel maximises stability and reduces its sensitivity to shocks. Finally, the advanced mechanics of the diamond-coated silicon escapement wheel paired with diamond-coated silicon pallet-stones ensure an impressive 72 hours of power reserve, bringing even more practicality and comfort to the wearer.

Not forgetting the design of the calibre itself, Roger Dubuis chose to turn its attention to the micro-rotor. Over the past ten years, the Maison’s focus on miniaturisation led to such elevated technical mastery that the watchmakers were able to take on a new challenge developing and playing with its aesthetics. Completely skeletonised, this traditionally highly functional element is now an integral part of the design of the timepiece, enhancing the architecture of the calibre, enriching visual perception and bringing further lightness too.

The Excalibur MB Titanium is a modern interpretation of an icon: visually powerful yet remarkably light. It plays with the Maison’s codes in the most distinctive way, and reaffirms its commitment to crafting the future of fine watchmaking by creating a fully titanium piece granted Poinçon de Genève certification, despite the challenges of working with this material.

Bringing the power of lightness and the luxury of comfort to those who live fast every day, it reaffirms Roger Dubuis as the most thrilling way to experience Hyper Horology™, now and always.