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Hypercar builder Rimac an Swiss premium partner Schmohl in Zurich have both agreed to enter a partnership.

Rimac Grows European Dealer Network with Schmohl in Zurich

Founded in 1923, Schmohl AG is one of the longest-standing and most renowned luxury automotive showrooms in Europe. It has been at the forefront of the automotive retail industry for over three decades, earning a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and offering innovative products.

As part of the partnership celebration, Rimac Automobili and Schmohl organized a week of Nevera presentations and test drives, showcasing the technological innovations and design features that make the Nevera a true masterpiece of automotive engineering, and giving potential customers an opportunity to experience the extraordinary performance and handling of the Nevera firsthand, on the exciting Swiss Alps roads.

The Rimac Automobili dealer network stretches across the world, including a number across the width of North America, in the UK, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands and into the UAE, Singapore, China, Japan and South Korea.

Only 150 examples of the Nevera will ever be built, and the production and deliveries to customers all over the world are underway.

The Rimac Nevera achieved a top speed of almost 249 mph

The Nevera offers an entirely new level of automotive performance, recently certified as the ultimate record-breaking hypercar. During April 2023, at Automotive Testing Papenburg in Germany, the Nevera smashed 23 acceleration and braking records in a single day, including, 0-100mph in 3.2 seconds and the new hypercar benchmark: the 0-400kph (249mph) test, in 29.93 seconds. It also achieved the highest top speed for a roadgoing electric car in 2022, achieving 256mph (412kph).

“Partnering with Schmohl is a significant milestone for Rimac as we continue to expand our global presence. The Nevera is an extraordinary product that redefines the limits of roadgoing performance, and with partners like Schmohl we can ensure our customers receive the best possible service throughout their buying and ownership experience.” Hendrik Malinowski, Bugatti Rimac Commercial Director

“We are thrilled to welcome Rimac Automobili to our group. We’ve long admired the creations and ambition of Mate and his team, building a car and a brand that has so quickly transformed the notion of hypercar performance. We’re excited to introduce more of our customers to the groundbreaking abilities of the Nevera and deliver them the same kind of experience that has helped us to establish our reputation for excellence.” Roderick Pike, Managing Director, Schmohl