PanoramaVacation: Our pocket knife opens the doors to holidays in Switzerland.

Probably many of you have already planned the summer holidays in 2018. In Switzerland? In nearby foreign countries? Or even in the far distance?

Anyway, as every year you will discover that it is entertaining somewhere else, but that it remains the most beautiful in Switzerland.

To reconsider or to spend a few more days in Switzerland, we have found partners for you who will give you a discount with our pocket knife. PanoramaKnife opens the door to wonderful moments in Switzerland.

Or the other way round: everyone who buys a pocket knife from us in our online shop will automatically receive a discount voucher for each of the following excursions until August 15th:

From Montreux to the Berner Oberland: MOB’s GoldenPass Line offers you a 1st class day ticket for 39 CHF instead of 140 CHF. Off to Ticino and Monte Generoso with a 20 % discount. The Rigi is also 20 % cheaper this summer. And the PanoramaKnife takes you to the Landesmuseum in Zurich for half the price.

With the code PK-HolidayatHome you will also receive the shipping costs in Switzerland as a gift until July 31st. This also applies to our individually customizable pocket knives.

By the way: Every 20th order also receives a free ride on the Säntis.