Palazzetti offers heating appliances that enhance any home with their style and superior technology

The new IKI Line combines its very modern appeal with the traditional charm of wood combustion. Its design, by Marco Fumagalli of the Marcarch Design studio, looks to the future and strikes you immediately with its ability to brighten up any room. It offers an extensive view of the fire through a ceramic glass door and a brighter-looking flame thanks to the light-coloured firebox.

Its structure, which surrounds the firebox in Thermofix, a special, refractory cement with very high heat accumulation features, optimises radiation and improves combustion guaranteeing superior efficiency. Moreover, the integrated O2Ring technology reduces CO emissions and particulates. The door has an innovative lift-up mechanism that makes it light and manageable.

The Iki Line is available in three versions, all of which can be used as it is like a stove, or built into a plasterboard surround like a firebox:

1. Iki 16:9, the wide version that offers an extensive, spectacular view of the fire;
2. Iki High, the vertically-developed model that offers a tall view of the firebox so that you can admire the upward motion of the flames
3. Iki Square, the most compact but also the most versatile, square-shaped version.

The Iki Line offers a set of steel and glass bases/firewood holders that can stand under the firebox or adjacent to it.