The result of the search for the meeting point between geometric rigour and class, aesthetically marked by the curved line. Polyethylene light spheres for outdoor spaces, delicately animated by an incision of parallel spiral lines, a delicate decoration that seems to give the globes a slow rotation, like a dance made up of signs of light.

Tubular metal stems with a round cross-section, painted white or hazelnut, at the end of which a truncated metal cone houses a sphere. An organic shape recalling the delicacy of the calla lily flower, alone or in bunches, depending on the type of Tee, which varies from suspended ceiling lights to floor, table, wall and ground versions.

The aim was to create a family that is extremely flexible in the way it can be used and modular in its configurations, so that it can meet the lighting needs of any architectural space.

Traditional lighting made in Italy

Structure: white or hazelnut painted metal
Diffuser: white polyethylene with spiral decoration

Dimensions (cm)

TEE Ground 30: Ø 30 x H 33
TEE Floor STL3 Self: L 52 x H 170 x SP 45