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The Forest collection consists of chair, armchair and stools in aluminium, designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoor furniture manufacture FAST celebrates Forest birthday

Forest, Fast best-selling product for which the company is renowned on the international design scene, celebrates its 10th birthday. Its launch in 2007 was a cornerstone in the brand’s history: with Forest in fact a new line of products took shape, with a more sophisticated styling at the cutting edge of design, merging craftsmanship with industrialisation and styling research, since then a distinctive characteristic of the company.

Designed by Robby & Francesca Cantarutti, the Forest collection draws its inspiration from the shapes found in nature. “Nature teaches us”, explains Robby Cantarutti. “A fundamental aspect of the Forest design is in fact research, which consists in observing and copying nature to such an extent as to establish a close bond with it, using the same language in design. The success of this collection is based on the simple message it conveys: the love of nature, thanks to which the harmonious relationships of nature have been understood and translated into an artificial element, namely Forest seats.”

The chairs and stools are designed for indoor and outdoor use

The Forest collection consists of chair, armchair and stools in aluminium, designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is available in 8 colours – white, black, metal grey, pearly gold, pastel blue, powder grey, coral red, sage green and also in the chrome finish version or with polished legs for indoors.

Fast, established in 1995 on the outskirts of Brescia where its offices and the entire production line are currently situated, is among the Italian leaders in the outdoor furniture industry. The key material in Fast collections is aluminium, which not only is an eco-friendly metal thanks to its low toxicity level and high recyclability, but it is also light-weight, durable, weather resistant and most of all easy-maintenance, and hence particularly suited to outdoor environments. The Fast catalogue comprises collections devised for application in both residential and contract settings, some of which are distinguished by soft, traditional silhouettes, and others by striking yet simple and innovative forms.