Our series of zodiac signs.

Whether you believe in astrology or horoscopes or not: You are also born in or under a sign of the zodiac. Many people derive certain character traits from it, others search for the perfect strand of luck with it or have an explanation for a bad run. But almost all of them have a relation to their character.

We simply find them quite beautiful on our pocket knives. Reana Hostettler designed them and our laser artist Dominik Mönch drapes them on the knives. No, Mönch is not a sign of the zodiac, even if he is standing right next to the Virgin – at least in the Bernese Oberland and on our large pocket knife blade.

You can buy every single zodiac sign from us from 109 CHF for the single pocket knife:

For 149 CHF each zodiac sign pocket knife is also available as a set:

If you want it even more personal, you can also personalise each zodiac sign pocket knife with a name or a slogan for 139 CHF:

And if that’s still not enough for you, the zodiac sign pocket knives with a personal dedication are also available as a set:

From now on we will introduce you to a different one every month – always what’s up to date at the moment. With a, forgive me, rather stereotypical horoscope. Please don’t take it seriously and certainly don’t do anything, cause or omit whatever is in it.

Orders until 19th December we send by A Mail and this will reach you, if the mail obliges, before Christmas. And until this day, your purchase price will be reduced by 20 CHF from 89 CHF if you order with the PK-Bettergiver code.



Our Horoscope for the Sagittarius (23.11. to 21.12.)

The thinkers among us. Constantly on an inner, sometimes also physical journey in search of the meaning of a thing or even the whole life. Protection cannot be constricted or nailed. They are also receptive to the opinions of others. They are tolerant, but they also expect tolerance. They are generous and demand it. Sagittarians have a goal, but often shoot beyond it. Sagittarians think. Also for your life.