Now they’re coming up with Valentine’s Day.

That’s right, dear customers and with a probability bordering on certainty “lovers – or would-be lovers”.

You’ve known us for a while now; as a rule, we rarely do what makes sense. We often do things simply because we can or because one of us had an idea and we want to try it out. If it works, fall in love with our idea, if it doesn’t, we’ll scrap it.

In this case it was Reana again. Yes, she is head over heels in love and is even getting married this year. And she made some designs that we can make available to you thanks to the laser arts of Dominik at Urwyler&Hostettler.

Design Love

Design Puzzle

Design Crowns

Design Yin & Yang

Design Rose

And the idea:

You buy two Best of Switzerland pocket knives. Great idea, isn’t it? An Original with 6 blades and a little heavier, plus a Basic with 3 blades and a little lighter. And the two correspond with each other. Like two lovers – yeahhh!!

We would never presume to claim that the light one is for the lady and the heavy one for the man in the house – or better outdoor. Do with it what you want, as long as everyone gets one – both together in the beautiful lunch box and for the special price of 179 CHF instead of 208 CHF. And on request, they can also be personalised with names or sayings: For 229 CHF instead of 268 CHF.

Personalization options

Uh, our Valentine gift to you – but why? Do we already love each other?

Maybe now: Simply order before 10th of February to make sure that the gift arrives on time for Valentine’s Day. A Quicky, then, but sharp.

For singles and those who want to stay that, there are also wonderful single pocket knives to buy here, starting from 79 CHF.