Northern Lighting is honoured to present the winner of the Northern Lighting Design Award 2017

Since 2012, we have honoured young talented designers from around the world through our annual Design Award. The result is outstanding with a high level in both design and presentation. The jury went through 200 design proposals with surprising details, thoughtful features and beautiful aesthetics from over 160 different designers from all over Europe.

The winning design ‘Black’ by Aleksi Peltonen is a series with a wall-mounted reading light and a floor version. This is the second year we have a Finnish winner from Furniture Design at Institute of Design & Fine Arts in Lahti, Finland.

The ‘Black’ lamp series is a well designed and carried out set of functional lighting. It consist of a wall mounted reading light complemented with a floor version. The form shows the function and underlines a practical and adjustable light giving directed task light where needed. Although developed and modelled in a metal workshop, the sleek and smart construction adds a lightness and elegance to the concept, leaving a memorable impression.

It suits most interiors and will give light directed down towards a table surface or over a sofa when working or reading. With a contemporary look, and a clear function the ‘Black’ series is a solid and up to date lamp family making it a worthy winner of the Northern Lighting Design Award 2017. Congratulations!

Winner of the Northern Lighting Design Award 2017

The happy winner of this years Design Award, furniture design student Aleksi Peltonen, will graduate next year from the Institute of Design and Fine Arts in Lahti, Finland. “I express myself best through items made by hand. As a former carpenter and now a furniture design student the best approach for me is to work on materials and make prototypes with my hands. I have always valued functionality as well as high quality of a product. For me quality means timelessness, practicality, longevity as well as following ecological principles. When I developed the concept ‘Black’ I wanted to achieve something minimalistic and timeless, yet something new.”

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The happy winner of this years Design Award, is furniture design student Aleksi Peltonen.