New luxury furniture collection by Formitalia and Aston Martin

Formitalia interpreters once again the design by Aston Martin to create a new, unique and contemporary home collection. Formitalia previews the new collection of furniture resulting from the collaboration with the luxury car brand Aston Martin. The firm partnership between the two brands allowed to create a new, unique, contemporary and timeless collection of furniture which reproduces the tradition and craftsmanship of sporting cars by Aston Martin.

This year, the latest items focus on colour: details with bright shades blend with woods, metals and natural stones with magnificent elegance thus creating exclusive items which, at the same time, are perfectly harmonized.

The full collection was impeccably hand made in Italy with luxury materials. Each item, offered in a wide range of colours, can involve and go along with all the senses.

The Aston Martin sofa represents a timeless luxurious design

When the details make the difference… Elegantly asymmetrical, the new sofa V215 by Aston Martin attracts not only for the elegance of its design, but also for the choice of different materials which are skilfully matched, able to convey the value of a contemporary and timeless luxury.

Characterized by a champagne coloured satin finished frame, it has a back, an armrest and a side top all upholstered in leather Cuoio in a warm burgundy shade, definitely contrasting with the pure white fabric upholstering of the padded parts. The model is completed by a useful and special tray made of Breccia Medicea marble emphasizing once again the care for details and for colour as a prevailing element of a neat and minimalistic design.

Sizes: Cm 241x92x83h

New furniture by Aston Martin create a unique atmosphere

Wood, marble, metal, leather…. The new furniture TV V268 by Aston Martin embodies the will to be able to create unique and chromatic combinations which make the excellent quality of materials stand out together with the ability to skilfully blend elements whose natures are so different.

Characterized by a geometrically linear design, it has a wooden frame with an open pore mahogany finishing leaning on an open base made of champagne coloured satin-finished metal. It is equipped with three containing spaces; it is offered with two doors made of Breccia Medicea marble and with an open part and equipped with a magazine rack of Cuoio leather and a colour which is perfectly in tone with the marble veins.

Sizes: Cm 240x55x72h

The elegant armchair plays with metal

Essential design embellished with original details: the small armchair V221 by Aston Martin plays with metal, which is cold and elegant at the same time, which is worked, bended and stretched until it reaches the warm frame of wood which holds soft leather upholstered cushions, like a hug.

A combination of different materials for an extremely elegant result, made even more evident by that touch of colour able to attract one’s attention.

Sizes: cm 85x93xh82

The small table is made of ash wood and upholstered with Cuoio leather

It is a very simple item which is distinguished by the charm of those details which do not go unnoticed. It is made of ash wood with an open pore black finishing, the new small table V212 has a circular top with a raised edge inside which the supporting top is skilfully upholstered with Cuoio leather with an elegant and original red colour.

Sizes: cm Ø40x h45