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The hyper-coupé promises to be the fastest non-electrified four-seater in the world.

Naran Automotive unveils the two million Euro Hypercar in Switzerland

Naran Automotive, the first hypercar company to be founded by a hypercar connoisseur, introduced the Naran hyper-coupé yesterday in Andermatt, Switzerland. Just thirty-nine Naran hyper-coupés will be built, priced from €2 million each, to a rare level of bespoke design and craftsmanship, and each will be christened by its owner. It gives the buyers freedom to customise each and every element of their hypercar beyond its homologated architecture. Naran Automotive is a customer-led automotive atelier and this is reflected in their approach to offer unparalleled client experiences in their purchasing, design and driving journey.

The first hypercar to be envisioned by a connoisseur and customer of hypercars, Naran is a machine built by a visionary businessman for likeminded individuals. It is the brainchild of Ameerh Naran, 38, a Zimbabwean who studied product and design before becoming a successful entrepreneur. He is the man behind Vimana Private Jets, a leader in VVIP global transportation, providing the world’s most sought-after executive aircrafts. His clients include heads of state, stars of sports, stage and screen. Naran Automotive is the result of a lifelong passion and years of dreaming and uphill battles.

The hyper-coupé promises to be the fastest non-electrified four-seater in the world

The Naran hyper-coupé is a hypercar that blends the power, handling and high-performance credentials of a supercar with the benefit of two additional seats, often not found in hypercars, enabling the owner to share the extreme driving experience with extra passengers. Its sleek lines and aggressive, motorsport- inspired styling is a collaboration between Ameerh and Jowyn Wong, of WYN Design – previously responsible for the acclaimed De Tomaso P72 and Apollo Intensa Emozione. Ahead of founding Naran Automotive in 2017, Ameerh was inspired by meetings with design legends Ian Callum (Aston Martin, Jaguar, Callum Design) and Adrian Hooydonk (BMW), and speciality automaker Horatio Pagani. Naran Automotive is privately owned and led by Ameerh, with engineers, craftspeople and project managers with significant OEM (original equipment manufacturer) production experience at the likes of McLaren and Aston Martin. Engineering operations are based in Germany, the USA and UK.

The hyper-coupé promises to be the fastest non-electrified four-seater in the world. Powered by an operatic 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine with a breathtaking output of 1,000bhp, it melds the raw and the refined. To allow for more occupants to enjoy the thrill of this raucous engine, the four-seaters spacious accommodation envelopes its passengers in a hand-crafted interior of luxury materials.

The thirty-nine bespoke models embody both a brutality that resonates with those seeking a true driver’s high and a timeless beauty reminiscent of the classic supercars. The Naran will be the material personification of their collectors with interior tailored to each individual. With luxurious state-of-the-art materials, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each Naran hyper-coupé will be commissioned based on the patron’s specific preferences.

Collectors will be invited to tailor their hypercar from a wide range of different materials, styling and finishes

The user interface is clean and minimal, allowing drivers to focus on the feel of the road and the fast-approaching horizon, accompanied by the visceral sound of the exhaust note. Owners of the Naran hyper-coupé will have an almost unlimited range of options available to them, with early requests including the use of marble and granite effects as well as gold leaf trim.

With only thirty-nine examples to be built, Naran Automotive’s wholly hands-on, inclusive philosophy of working with its customers and its commitment to the use of artisan materials, offers owners the opportunity to create a truly unique piece of automotive art.

The launch prototype model boasts a plush, ruby-themed exterior finish and cockpit, with delicate almond gold accents. The upper environment features ruby woven textile, while the lower surfaces are finished in leather. The two materials combine to upholster the carbon-shelled seats. The seats also feature almond gold stitching, as does the steering wheel, which is coated in the same ruby leather.

Meanwhile, this launch prototype’s centre console and feature panel which was imagined by an alumni from the esteemed London College of Fashion, boasts stone grey and black chrome accents. Various other elements of the dashboard are finished with satin ruby and almond gold paint.

Inside, the opulent materials featured include premium soft-touch Italian leather, CNC-milled billet aluminium and tri-hue minimalistic soft-touch textiles. Going even further with the personalisation of the hyper-coupé, collectors will be invited to tailor their hypercar from a wide range of different materials, styling and finishes.

The launch prototype will be unveiled at The Chedi, Andermatt in Switzerland, during the exclusive Supercar Owners Circle rally on 21st June 2024.

About Naran Automotive

Naran Automotive was founded in 2017 by successful and dynamic entrepreneur, Ameerh Naran. Naran Automotive’s debut hypercar model is ground-breaking in design and performance. Conceived as a four-seater hyper-coupe, the car celebrates the purity of dynamics, unapologetic performance and exceptional luxury inside and out. This unique equation of form and function is focused on delivering a truly engaging driving experience. Production is strictly limited to thirty- nine, each of which offers unparalleled customisation options for its owner including being able to name their own edition. Founder Ameerh Naran’s passion for cars began at an early age, with his love of high-performance vehicles leading him to become a true afficionado, racing driver, and now creator of the inaugural Naran hyper-coupé. He has, additionally, founded numerous other successful businesses, including the internationally recognised Vimana Private Jets, a leading private aviation company.