Create the music system you’ve always dreamed of with the New Classic range from the UK’s leading Hi-Fi electronics brand, Naim Audio. Joining the 200 Series launched earlier this year, the New Classic 300 Series elements combine perfectly to create a truly bespoke, high-quality system.

Featuring cutting-edge innovation, sleek style and exceptional sound quality, the 300 Series products are dedicated to the pursuit of incredible sound. Naim Audio was created in 1973 with one simple goal: to bring music to life in its purest form. This meant pushing the boundaries of what was possible, with a relentless focus on the tiniest of details. Half a century on, Naim’s mission remains unaltered and undiminshed, from the launch if its very first products right through to today’s New Classic range.

Designed and developed by Naim engineers in England, the New Classic products are at the forefront of innovation and technology. They are timeless products, created with care and built to last. Sophisticated yet simple to use, the 300 Series will bring years of listening pleasure.

Get the best out of your loudspeakers and your music

By adding the best components to features and flexible use, not forgetting the inclusion of impressive energy settings – the New Classic products consume less than 0.5W in standby mode –, we have combined our 50 years of experience with the very latest technologies to redefine Hi-Fi for the home.

Begin your New Classic 300 Series musical journey with the NSS 333, a high-resolution streaming solution that can handle the highest-quality file formats for UPnPTM devices and streaming services. The NSS 333 also improves the performance of other audio devices in your system, with a universal control across the entire Naim range, all from our Focal & Naim app.

Vinyl lovers will improve their experience with NVC TT

Get the best out of your loudspeakers and your music, with the NAC 332 preamplifier and NAP 350 amplifier. NAC 332 is the “analog centre” of your system, delivering optimal performance to your amplifier and loudspeakers. This versatile product allows you to connect headphones as well as the NVC TT phono preamplifier to play vinyl with incomparable quality. NAP 350 is Naim’s flagship monoblock amplifier. Combine it with the loudspeakers of your choice – its dynamic power drives even with the most demanding loudspeakers. It can be used alone or combined with others. Thanks to its silent cooling system, it is easy to install in your chosen environment with no sound disruption.

Last but not least, vinyl lovers will improve their experience with NVC TT, an incredibly easy-to-use phono preamplifier. Its design is reminiscent of the iconic Statement amplifier, the pinnacle of Naim excellence. It is easy to connect, offering the best way to listen to vinyl records. Thanks to NPX TT, its dedicated power supply, NVC TT connects to a number of separate components, including existing Naim products, allowing them to reveal their full potential.