Located in Doha, this residential project, curated and signed exclusively by Covet House and the luxury studio Luna Design, reveals the ultimate exponent of art and power craftsmanship. With a total area of 1600 sqm, the open space is, in itself, the ideal balance between neutral and sophisticated tones, delivering comfort and well-being in the right doses. Whether in the indoor or outdoor area, the avantgarde architecture and elegant lines elevate the building to a higher level, just like a spaceship.

In the dry and torrid climate of the Middle East, it is necessary for a house to be built with the well-being and quality of life of its inhabitants in mind. The starting point is to prioritise space and functionality, where the outdoor area and its swimming pool play a key role.

Moving forward to the interior, the living room appears as an idyllic area, where minimalism and a cosy chic look are proven through fine and refined pieces. Odette Sofa, by Boca do Lobo, is its main bulwark, as well as Embrace Coffee Table and Besame Metal Armchair, both iconic pieces designed by Koket. As complementary additions, clad in marble and dark tones, are Luxxu statement ́s Imperium Side Table, McQueen Floor Lamp, and Needle Table Lamp.

Meanwhile, in the dining room, the mid century spirit joins the modern, where Isadora Dining Chair, by Essential Home, is the main stylish and great piece, besides the decorative elements, through an ode to nature and mindfulness. There is also space for a small foyer, where Brabbu marks its presence through the exquisite Ardara II Console, not forgetting the reading and relaxation corner, where Stonehenge Side Table, by Boca do Lobo, combines tradition with opulence.

This is a house adapted to all seasons, and design minds, whether they are more sumptuous, or minimalist, highlighting the comprehensive power of Covet House in sophistication, but also simplicity, without ever disposing of comfort.