MIDSUMMER: an extraordinary project for the sleeping area

Is it possible the reinvention of a product like the bed? That’s the question to which MIDSUMMER answers at Fuori Salone 2017 through the collection designed by the Architect Chiara Mennini, the very soul of this project. Being an architect and having a feminine point of view: these are the key elements for a new conception of bed, able to satisfy the need for rest together with a mood made of a warm, refined elegance, underlined by a strong character.

The challenge that MIDSUMMER is facing is just aiming to offer the best answer to these necessities. In a moment during which all seems to be fixed, static, repeated there’s someone who still believes in and carry on his own idea.

MIDSUMMER is a project at the same time ancient and contemporary because it mixes artisanal manufacturing and design, and noble materials, with the latest production techniques and traditional artisan knowledge. It’s a perfect synthesis among materials, manufacture, comfort, taste and sustainability. Rigour and sophisticated research meet to create an exclusive and cozy environment composed of bed, accessories, boxspring bed, bed linen, and blankets and throws. All products designed to be complementary, projected as a whole. The Company and its creator present living and to be lived products, versatile, and able to adapt to the several and most demanding requests of the market. MIDSUMMER is a new way of conceiving the bedroom, far away from stereotypes. The research on materials is the main driving force that gives this company the possibility to offer something different from the habitual proposal of the market. The artisan productive technique employed on boxspring beds and mattresses, and the refined and natural materials guarantee the best quality in sleeping and comfort. A detail that makes MIDSUMMER remarkable is the mattresses’ padding, as for the part in contact with skin, customized according to client’s needs.

midsummer design interior interior-design interiors bedroom bed beds accessories boxspring

MIDSUMMER is a project at the same time ancient and contemporary because it mixes artisanal manufacturing and design.

The collection is signed by Chiara Mennini, graduated in Architecture in Genova and associate of AMA (Albera and Monti), studio of architects specialized in interiors and design. Chiara Mennini designs and create MIDSUMMER, she is passionate for fashion and noble materials, her projects matches firm and rigorous traits, and a refined artisan and sustainable manufacturing.

Midsummer matches perfectly to small tables, benches, armchair and lamps

MIDSUMMER is a wide, rich and well-structured collection, featuring attention to details, wise research, equilibrium between aesthetics and wellness of sleeping. Five beds, five moods, each of them having their own identity, easily identifiable and recognizable, perfectly matching to specific furniture: small tables, screens, benches, armchair and lamps. And bed accessories: blankets and throws, bed linen, and mattresses. A special mention for textiles, all excellent, a haute couture production following the seasons, as for dresses: the bed dresses up according to the natural changing pattern of the seasons. Linen and cotton for summer, cashmere and wool for the winter.

Also the textile is a distinctive trait of this brand, a balanced agreement in quality and comfort. The MIDSUMMER bedroom is perfect not only for residential spaces, but also for hotels where guests can find a magic place for enjoying a restoring pause, even during the day.

MIDSUMMER is distributed by Vago Forniture (Barlassina), Moreno Boniforti (Italy/Switzerland), Sofia 2016 Corporation SA (Mexico), Pietro Dall’Olio (Dubai Design District), Elena Camilla Mariani (Qatar/Iran), IMAESTRI (United States).