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The Mercedes G500 on caterpillar tracks made by delta4x4.

Mercedes G500 on caterpillar tracks made by delta4x4

When it comes to maximum traction, caterpillar tracks offer the optimal solution: the wide tracks clearly allow the vehicle to create less of a depression, so it sinks less – and the power of its traction is considerably greater than in wheeled vehicles. When used on harsh wintry terrain this type of design technology can’t be beat, which clearly has been shown by the daily efforts of snow grooming and snow mobile operators.

This is why René Veraguth, head of the Swiss Caflisch Garage, showed up at delta4x4 in the Southern German town of Unterumbach with a special order request. Here is a well-to-do agronomist from the Swiss Alps who wants to have his Mercedes G redesigned to run on caterpillar tracks, so that he can get to his mountain cabin at nearly 3,000 m altitude – regardless of the whims of nature.

The caterpillar tracks can easily be removed in the summer months

And since the Alps in the Swiss region of Grisons are considered to be the most rugged and inaccessible part of Switzerland, delta4x4 was asked to redesign his G500 by adding the caterpillar tracks. In fact, it is well known that track vehicles are quite unsuitable during the summer months, which is why an uncomplicated form of seasonal outfitting is needed, including four of the all-terrain tires.

No problem for delta4x4. To make room beneath the fenders for the enormous caterpillar tracks, the all terrain specialists gave the G500 an extra 20 centimeter lift. The integration in the vehicle will be made so that the caterpillar tracks can easily be removed in the summer months to change into those sexy all terrain wheels.

It’s a good thing that this Swiss chalet owner has a deep pocket: the caterpillar track alone amounts to 50,000 Euros, which does include the installation. It will cost the same amount again for the homologation, i.e. the tests, inspection, approval, etc. Giving the vehicle a lift at delta4x4, including all tests and approvals, comes to about 19,000 Euro and an additional 20,000 Euro will buy the conversion, such as the roof rack and front bar and the big wheels for the summer fun.

Now it just begs the question: why doesn’t the chalet owner simply buy a snow groomer in addition to his Mercedes G500? Well, let’s just say that it isn’t any of delta4x4’s business.