mercedes-benz amg g55 car
The Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG refined by Bulgarian Art Studio Vilner.

Mercedes G 55 AMG from Vilner 

Based on the first generation Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG, this is the newest and most precisely “G” project ever done by the Bulgarian Art Studio Vilner. That particular car had been brought from the United Kingdom to Sofia to be transformed by the studio’s magicians. A truly special project owned by successful Bulgarian who lives in London and who asked Vilner to remake the interior with the quality level and feel of the new G 650 Maybach Landaulet.

The main motive inside: a chess pattern with “G” letter perforation and a pedantic craftsmanship. Why chess pattern and why in that shape? That highly intellectual game is a favourite one for the owner who also loves “Ritter Sport” chocolate. Vilner expressed these two lines of personal taste with ergonomically upholstered cube shaped segments – the mighty ‘G-Wagen’ logo is there. A fine Soft Cocoa Brown-Orange leather covers most of the interior with the exception of some black areas like the seat’s sides. The stitching is still in that same soft-brown colour for additional but not to much contrast.

A Maybach level of quality has been achieved by Vilner

Art feel for the palms. The steering wheel is thoroughly reworked and now combines an ergonomically shaped ring with clean style and precise construction. Black piano lacquer for the top  and a fine leather for the rest of the wheel, including the middle airbag section. That same black piano lacquer is the finish of choice for all of the G-Class trim pieces and the dash is wrapped in black leather, which generates a nice contrast with that Soft Cocoa Brown-Orange colour. Another intention for using a specifically textured black leather: it reduces the reflections on the windshield.

Now almost every single surface is soft on touch because Vilner inserted padding between the leather and the base. Additional sound deadening is also widely used at some key areas of the G 55’s body. A Maybach level of quality has been achieved.

Soft padding is also used under the car’s Alcantara roof liner. Soft Cocoa Brown-Orange for the front section and black for the rear part that sits above the luggage area. That bi-colour combination also improves vehicle’s back visibility because of the darker area around the rear glass. Sun visors are also wrapped in both black and Soft Cocoa Brown-Orange Alcantara and Morello Red is the colour of the seat belts of that pedantically executed British Mercedes G 55 AMG. A matte black wrap now covers the outside of the car on which Vilner’s chrome signature stands out with style.