The Fusta project bei Lebom is inspired by the design and architecture of the 50s in Italy. The firm structure, made of solid ash wood elements with rigorous but articulated sections, holds the upholstery, which lies inside it in a delicate way. It is from the relation between these two elements that arise the harmony of the project.

Despite the apparent minimalism of the design of the structure there is no lack of refined and functional details, such as the slide on the front of the armrest to rest the hands, and the upholstery details. The Fusta armchair is also equipped with an accessory footrest.

Jumbo – Ramón Esteve

Inspired by the legendary Chester sofa, Jumbo is based on a contemporary reinterpretation of this classic design of English origin. Considered a reference piece in London high society clubs in Victorian England, Jumbo is conceived as an element capable of adding character and roundness to any contract space. Designed by Ramón Esteve for Lebom, this sofa was born with the intention of becoming a meeting point in a pleasant and comfortable environment, like the gel lobby of an urban hotel.

Jumbo Armchair – Ramón Esteve

The Jumbo armchair continues the contemporary reinterpretation of the English classic, this time in a compact and stylised version. The piece maintains the same characteristic personality as the sofa in the collection and works perfectly as a complementary armchair to the sofa or individually in a sober and elegant space.

Koh Tao – Odosdesign

Koh Tao is a collection created by Odosdesign. All limits on imagination have been removed during its design. With attention to detail, they have focused on highlighting its rounded corners, giving it a unique personality and stimulating moments of tranquillity and well-being.

Large – Ramón Esteve

If there is a feature that defines the Large sofa, it is its marked horizontality. A chamfered platform acts as a base, while its legs are strategically hidden, generating the visual sensation that the sofa is levitating above the ground. Designed by Ramón Esteve for Lebom, the Large sofa is conceived as a generously proportioned modular piece that allows very diverse compositions to be created, adapting to each space and making it possible to furnish large living rooms with just a few modules. Its floating cushions enhance that feeling of lightness while providing total comfort.

Lombard – Atelier Lebom

New forms of living require new concepts of furniture. As houses become much more flexible spaces, continually changing, their contents should also adapt to the needs of each moment. The modular Lombard sofa, with its infinite variety of set ups, has been conceived to fit and evolve with its users. Comfortable, with a wide and generous seat, it can be set up with or without a chaise longue, armrests or footstool. With regards to form, its edges have been rounded to soften the view and thus create a greater sense of comfort. The play of volumes created between the low backrest and the high cushions provides an original spark that sets it apart from other more sober proposals.

Meet the Designers

Ramón Esteve: Ramón Esteve is an architect and designer; this second facet being a consequence of the first. In 1991, he founded Ramón Esteve Estudio with the conviction that architecture is a global discipline. His training as an architect has given rise to a transversal vision in which Architecture and Design form a single concept, almost inseparable, generated under the same design laws and premises. Each project is born with the aim of creating complete environments through the interaction between both disciplines, where design and architecture come together to generate a complete experience for the user.

In the field of product design, his work has been recognized with various international awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, the NYCxDesign Award given by the New York magazine Interior Design, or the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum; as well as awards from relevant design websites such as Archiproducts or Wallpaper magazine.

In the last year, he appeared on the AD100 list, a selection of architects, interior designers and product designers prepared by Architectural Digest’s different international editions, and in 2018 the Forbes magazine included him in its list of the 100 world’s most creative minds.

Odosdesign: Odosdesign is an end-to-end product design agency focused on product design and visual strategy, formed by Ana Segovia and Luís Calabuig in 2005. Located in Valencia, Odosdesign stands out for its multidisciplinary character and to carry out end-to-end projects for companies and institutions, covering all their needs by managing product design, graphic design, art direction, branding, video or web design. This allows them to carry out end-to-end projects which range from the design of a product to its visual communication in all kinds of supports.

David Dolcini: David Dolcini was born in Italy, near Milan, in a family with long craft tradition. His vision and approach to design comes from a whole variety of educational and professional experiences abroad over a number of years. Founded in 2007, David Dolcini Studio deals primarily with product and industrial design, interior and exhibition design, art direction. The Firm collaborates with important design companies with a strong artisan component, developing projects respecting the history and DNA of each client, supporting the development through self-developed prototypes or samples.