A century-old solid plank of wood with all of its three-dimensional grain and marks of time, contrasts with soft, linear cushions, supported by slender legs in transparent glass. This is the Air Wildwood Sofa, the latest LAGO sofa, which, after its debut at the upcoming Salone Internazionale del Mobile of Milan, will expand the company’s range for living rooms and hospitality facilities.

Modularity, lightness, contrast, vitality and an architectural dimension: the new sofa is a clear expression of all of the chromosomes in the LAGO DNA. Thanks to its clean, essential lines, the Air Wildwood Sofa is the perfect piece for the middle of the room. With its Wildwood oak back, in misalignment with the base, it is an ideal architectural element for dividing a room, but it also looks right at home placed against the wall. Generating spaces and varied interior solutions, the new LAGO sofa helps to design and redesign rooms in harmony with the changing lives of those who use them.

The Sofa from Lago is made of century-old oak

The modularity of the Air Wildwood Sofa makes it easy to configure using arms, varied seat sizes and wooden backs, aligned or misaligned, in various arrangements. Moreover, its modularity means that the sofa can be changed according to need: today linear, tomorrow with a chaise longue or in a corner configuration. Wildwood, century-old oak, provides a tactile sensory experience. Warmth, hospitality and a sense of time: wood is a primordial ambassador of truth and, at the same time, the bringer of unexpected tactile experiences that offer a renewed connection to nature.

The Air Wildwood Sofa collection will also be completed with an accessories range

The contrast between the tactile qualities of the wood and the softness of the feather cushions – which are mobile and repositionable – heighten the sense of warmth and welcoming when enjoying the sofa. The transparency and perfection of the extra-clear tempered glass makes the Air Wildwood Sofa light and ethereal, almost as if challenging the laws of physics. This lightness and suspension can be emphasised through lighting, which, set up underneath the seat, makes even the area around the sofa special.

More than 32 colours, fabrics, leather and eco-leather are available for creating compositions to suit a vast range of spaces and personalities. The Air Wildwood Sofa collection will also be completed with an accessories range, to meet all of the needs of everyday life.


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This is the Air Wildwood Sofa, the latest LAGO sofa.