The KLC chair for OMP Group is designed to be a multi-purpose and versatile chair, capable of being adapted to all kinds of spaces and fully customisable, so that it fits into any context. It is a product that covers, thanks to its chameleonic nature and extreme customisation, all areas of the market in chair installation.

A transverse product based on a sculptural and subtle seat: one of smooth and minimalist forms in which there are no corners or curves, but rather lines and gestures, which suggest shapes and hold the user gently and ergonomically. A clean design with its own personality, inspired by an art sculpture in the city of Chicago, serves as a platform for an item of furniture that is not just one chair, but rather hundreds of them, with a variety of uses and multiple designs. The KLC chair is available in a wide range of options and covers all types of sectors: with a central base for work or conversational environments; with a rod structure, a highly stackable chair concept designed for multi-purpose rooms; with a tube structure and legs, perfect for the home and the hospitality industry; with arms for public buildings or offices; or in its stool format for bars, festivals or educational establishments.

The chairs made by the KLC company are available in many different colours

A model has also been created especially for educational establishments, those that require new furniture to support active teachers. This is a specific model with an integrated injection arm, double leather seat, swivel panel or wheels. It is designed to be the best possible quality, to offer high performance in use and to be movable. It is a chair with a polypropylene shell, produced in a variety of colours and designed to be available in many different coordinated and highly customisable solutions. The educational version has a swivel base with five black, grey and white spokes and is characterised by the original design of the arm for the orbital tablet, as well as of the practical book holder/iPad stand.

The version for collective use is produced in a wide range of variants: four legs, even in the model with arm rests, and with an extendable base. Two types of stool, with four legs and a sled base, complete the family. KLC is available in many different colours.

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The KLC chair is available in a wide range of options and covers all types of sectors.