Iris Ceramica continues its collaboration with Diesel Living and, after the success achieved in 2016 with the first line of industrially inspired wall tiling, confirms the partnership for 2017, launching seven new product lines that extend the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica product offered exclusively at Milan Design Week.

The partnership that began in 2016 between the international lifestyle brand Diesel Living and Iris Ceramica, the leading high-end porcelain stoneware tiling manufacturer, continues. A renewal that was almost obligatory after the great interest attracted among the public and professionals in the first collection, presented exclusively in the setting of the Spazio FMG per l’Architettura gallery in Milan during Design Week. The route mapped out on that occasion is maintained, as are the essential stylistic foundations and strong identity of the Diesel brand, but it is evolving, introducing new suggestions, exotic scenarios, panoramas of the Arizona desert and views of the Grand Canyon, recontextualising the product, lending it an almost cinematic allure.

Diesel Living offers a new outlook for contemporary living

The imaginative impression of these rugged locations is made manifest in the choice of material elements and colour palette, creating a short circuit between the creative inspiration underpinning the product and its effective application. Seven new lines of surfaces extend the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica range, accentuating the aesthetic characteristics of materials marked by time and stressed by heat and light. Wood and stone dialogue with oxidised sheets and grids of metal, glass and cement, in a continuous play of reflection and shade that offers a new outlook for contemporary living. Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica today features 12 collections of surfaces conceived for tiling walls and floors. A rich colour palette, the choice of different finishes and a wide range of decorations characterise the bold design of every line, emphasising the unmistakable personality of every product and the person who chooses it.

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The partnership between lifestyle brand Diesel Living and Iris Ceramica, the leading high-end porcelain stoneware tiling manufacturer, continues.

Ceramic and Porcelain mady by Iris Ceramica

IRIS CERAMICA is a world leader in the production of ceramic and porcelain for floor and wall tiles, destined for residential, business and industrial projects. With a range of over 50 collections and more than 2500 articles, since 1961 IRIS CERAMICA has spread the prestige of Made in Italy products in the world and each day afirms its commitment to creating innovative materials with a high technical and aesthetic value that have won international awards and recognition. Creations that are the outcome of in-house research and development, a heritage of unique knowledge that allows the company to create materials that are also unique. They combine avant-garde technological innovation with the knowledge of artisan tradition, with complete respect for the strictest regulations in terms of sustainability for both processes and products.
For Iris Ceramica quality, and above all the quality of innovation, is the cornerstone of every activity and the value that must always distinguish it and that it regularly puts at the disposal of its partners. Only through research and innovation can it create something unique and exclusive, because only through the choice of materials to place in the spaces that surround us can we change the quality of our life.