Own a super yacht with SeaNet
Finally, yacht co-ownership the right way!

Have a Luxury Yacht owned and managed with SeaNet

For all those who appreciate the maritime lifestyle on a luxury yacht and are considering owning a super yacht – but are unwilling to face the hassles and the immense costs, SeaNet is the perfect partner. All this under the motto: “FROM AN OWNER TO AN OWNER” – because SeaNet’s CEO Matty Zadnikar is a Benetti super yacht owner himself and therefore completely understands the needs of yacht owners. With SeaNet yacht ownership becomes pure pleasure!

Own a yacht with SeaNet CEO Matty Zadnikar.
SeaNet CEO Matty Zadnikar is a true yacht expert.

After selling his international company Z-Safety Services in 2013, the Belgian entrepreneur fulfilled his dream of yacht ownership by purchasing a Benetti Delfino 93′. Due to his engineering background and his passion for boats, it was important to Matty that he was part of the construction process of his yacht in the Italian shipyard in Viareggio. Thus he acquired a wealth of knowledge about yachts and a close relationship to the “Benetti family” commenced. 

Afterwards Matty Zadnikar enjoyed a wonderful yacht season on the Mediterranean, but also experienced the hassles that come with being a yacht owner. Therefore, he decided to offer a business that supported other super yacht owners with his expertise.

Enjoy a Benetti yacht!
Life is great on a super yacht ….
Enjoy life on a beautiful Azimut yacht!
… have a drink in the salon © Azimut

Sole ownership or co-ownership

Matty Zadnikar acquired a stake in SeaNet, which has been operating in the USA for Co-ownership of superyachts for 15 years. In 2016 he founded SeaNet Europe and now offers complete management for luxury yachts of the renowned Italian Azimut-Benetti Group in the 27 to 40 meter segment as well as the possibility to own a yacht together with up to three owners. When buying a new yacht, the yachting expert and his team are able to give professional advice on the complicated process of selecting the right luxury yacht. SeaNet’s exclusive partnership with the Azimut-Benetti Group also facilitates and ensures the best conditions in terms of purchase costs, warranty and service.

At the Cannes Yachting Festival (September 11-16, 18) and at the Monaco Yacht Show (September 26-29,18) Matty Zadnikar will present the SeaNet concept as well as the new Benetti and Azimut super yachts.

SeaNet Co-Ownership – the smart way to own a superyacht

Since many yacht owners usually spend only a few weeks on board their yacht each year, it makes sense and is significantly cheaper to share a yacht with other people. SeaNet has therefore specialized in organizing the co-ownership of yachts. The SeaNet model enables a maximum of four owners to share the cost of a fully equipped luxury yacht as well as the annual running costs. All co-owners receive a certificate of ownership. SeaNet acts exclusively as the management company and takes care of the complete management: The boat is insured for three years instead of just one year, insurance and VAT are paid, the crew including private chef is hired and briefed, maintenance is organised and in winter the yacht is stored and maintained. In addition, there is an excellent 5-star concierge service. The owners have only one wonderful task: they have to arrive with family and friends… and as soon as they are on board, their yachting journey begins.

The European yacht season lasts from April to October. During this period, each co-owner is guaranteed at least seven weeks on board. Before its arrival, the yacht is “personalized” and decorated with the previously selected personal items of each owner: Bed linen, dishes, photos etc. If the co-owner wants to part with his yacht at some point, the SeaNet team will take care of the sale … but this is rather unlikely!