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Giberg Haute Horlogerie was founded in Biel by Andreas Altmann, and designs refined timepieces that combine luxury watchmaking technique with sculptural art.

Giberg Haute Horlogerie unveils the luxury watch Niura

Giberg Haute Horlogerie was founded in Biel by Andreas Altmann, and designs refined timepieces that combine luxury watchmaking technique with sculptural art. The Swiss designer revealed his first timekeeping piece at Baselworld, an elegant ode to femininity with a delicate, Russian-inspired name: Niura. The unveiling of this design is the first chapter in the history of the Giberg Haute Horlogerie brand. The focal point of this miniature artwork is the manufacture calibre created especially for, and by, the brand. This double-barrel flying tourbillon ensures unwavering time-keeping precision.

Encrusted with 2,156 diamonds, this dazzling watch is a nod to a glorious age in which jewellery fused both art and breath-taking beauty, mirroring the lifestyles of the times. This timepiece draws on high-end jewellery to infuse the act of time-keeping with a sense of poetic whimsy.

Manufacture calibre

Andreas Altmann and his Giberg Haute Horlogerie team developed a specific manual-winding mechanical movement named the Giberg Flying Tourbillon “Trilevis 6118” Manufacture Calibre, fitted with streamlined red hour and minute hands. The tourbillon dial at 6 o’clock features ball bearings and is powered by two barrels mounted in series at 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock, lending the watch a power reserve of 72 hours. The dial and caseback are made from glare-free sapphire, allowing the wearer to watch the mechanical ballet unfurl from any angle. The case measures 35mm in diameter and is nestled in a majestic structure of 47 × 97 mm. The watch is encrusted with 2,156 diamonds for a total of 8.7 carats, and is embellished with a ruby cabochon crown that sits to the right, with another decorative crown positioned on the left for an exquisitely subtle and elegant symmetrical effect.

Beauty in motion

The case pivots on an axis with a moving diamond-set arm, like hinges that wrap snugly around the wrist, perfectly encircling the wearer’s arm. A fine structure, entirely set with diamonds, links the edges of the case to the lizard leather strap, on which a diamond-studded drop balances delicately.

Niura, sculptural time-keeping

The timepiece was showcased at Baselworld in 5N red gold, with 76 rubies, mounted on a gar- net-coloured lizard leather strap. Other customisable colours will be made available upon ordering. A unique piece and truly exceptional jewelled watch, Niura’s originality stems from its highly technical expertise.

Athon, the spirit of the brand

A setter and goldsmith by training, Andreas Altmann was driven to design Athon by his passion and thirst for pushing the boundaries of his art ever further. Using the metals he works with on a daily basis, he wanted to challenge himself to create a piece as complicated to produce as it would be awe-inspiring to see. Clocking in at five kilos of yellow gold and encrusted with 7,739 diamonds for a total of 108 carats, Athon is the fruit of five years of intensive labour. Andreas Altmann embraced this non-negotiable deadline, and crafted a work of art that might be described as flawless in every way. Athon embodies the spirit
of the Giberg Haute Horlogerie brand, an illustration of the artistry and expertise that points to a long and exciting future for the company’s timepieces. On show at the Baselworld stand, this is an unmissable and inspiring masterpiece.