After the stunning debut of last year, Ghidini 1961 presents to the public of the 2017 Milan Design Week with what can be proudly defined the confirmation of an intuition: the beauty and modernity of brass, reinvented from classical suggestions through the language of design becomes contemporary and thrives on new allure in furniture, accessories and everyday objects.

Ghidini 1961, thanks to its historical experience in processing brass, a precious material and yet so difficult to treat, is introducing this year a new shiny satin finish, alongside the more traditional mirror polished.

The 2017 collection, expertly calibrated by Art Director Stefano Giovannoni, involves some of the best Italian and International talents who were able of expressing a very diverse creative outcome. The final results span through all product categories from the lamps of Branch Creative, Aldo Cibic, Studio Job, Richard Hutten, Paolo Rizzatto and Nika Zupanc, which besides spreading light they live by reflecting the surrounding environments. The Elisa Giovannoni Mirrors, where a poetic detail makes even the most familiar shapes surprising and light. The multiple variations of coffee tables, from the cartoonish style of Giovannoni, the dreamily of Mendini, through the Da Vinci reference of Richard Hutten.

The Ghidini 1961 Collection 2017 is made in Italy

The brass flares nourish the illusion of the centerpieces of Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, which change function simply by placing them upside up or down. The Richard Hutten umbrella stands, an object very often almost forgotten, hidden and uncared, become two little gems. With an unexpected change of scale Paolo Rizzatto imagines one supporting element, a sort of column with capitals, brass finish, which supports plans of various materials, to create a customizied system shaped according to the needs of the interior designer and contract projects. The modularity of this systems leaves the designer free of shaping libraries and tables according to his/her needs.

The Ghidini 1961 Collection 2017 testifies the flexibility of interpretation of brass, through small and large masterpieces of craftsmanship made in Italy of aristocratic perfection.

ghidini furniture design designer lamps mirrors lights tables umbrella stands interior

The 2017 Ghidini collection, expertly calibrated by Art Director Stefano Giovannoni, involves some of the best Italian and International talents.