Look up to 1.5 inches taller with Get Long Legs secret insoles: Now anyone can live the highlife with invisible height boosting insoles from GET LONG LEGS®. With a celebrity following that includes short stars like Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise, the unisex, buildable insoles from GET LONG LEGS® are one of the best-kept styling secrets to add height, improve posture and lengthen your legs in an instant.

But GET LONG LEGS® have been meticulously engineered to fit any shoe style, for both men and women. Simply slide them into your work shoes, stilettos or trainers to instantly boost your height and your confidence.

Looking good should feel good too, which is why the GET LONG LEGS® insoles have been tested for maximum comfort and even improve your posture. You’ll forget you’re wearing them as soon as they’re in, as they fit effortlessly with your shoes and are totally invisible – so they can remain your style secret weapon.

This height-boosting hack has been used by leading fashion stylists in Paris, Milan and New York and now you can experience it for yourself. GET LONG LEGS® are sold with a handy travel bag, perfect for weekends away or for slipping into your day bag to wear to meetings or events. Completely unisex, GET LONG LEGS® come in one size for him and her – because tall looks good on everybody.

Made with soft, nonslip, natural rubber material TRP, GET LONG LEGS® insoles are 100% washable and non-toxic. These resilient insoles retain their shape after washing and are also recyclable and odour-free.

More Information:

UK – £24.00
USA – $30.00
Euros: €27.00

WEBSITE and Shop www.getlonglegs.com