The dining room as a stylistic project matching the rest of the home and in line with the B/Style by Bonaldo. Originally, the dining area was conceived as a detached room, but it has gradually become part of the living room, thus creating a place where authentic synergies can be realized in a versatile and functional environment. Homes to be enjoyed meeting the real needs of the people who live there.

Harmony and balance are the essential features of the Bonaldo dining room where every table, whether with a rectangular, round or barrel-shaped top, finds the right chair to match thanks to the wide variety of products and to a rich selection of shapes and materials.

The latest products, presented at the 2022 Salone del Mobile, are the Geometric Table Wood by Alain Gilles and Pivot table by Marconato & Zappa, the Agea chair by Marconato & Zappa and the Noor chair by Dondoli e Pocci.

GEOMETRIC TABLE WOOD table, design by Alain Gilles

The Geometric Table Wood, designed by Alain Gilles, is presented in the new ebony finish, thanks to which it assumes a decidedly sculptural appearance. Geometric Table Wood catches the eye thanks to its shape, in particular that of its legs. It is a transforming shape-shifting table that changes the perception of its figure by playing on perspective: with a hypnotic visual effect, it looks different depending on the point of view, thanks to the drop-shaped silhouette of the four legs. The scenic presence of the Geometric Table Wood is further enhanced by the ebony used to make both the top and the legs, as if the table were carved from a single block of wood.

PIVOT table, design by Marconato & Zappa

The Pivot table takes its name from the unusual shape of the base: the central leg of the table acts as a pivot for the three legs which extend to the sides. The result is an asymmetric and highly original combination that makes a statement in the room. The legs are made of solid wood while the top is available in marble, wood, glass and ceramic, in the round and round-edged versions.

AGEA chair, design by Marconato & Zappa

A chair with a monolithic design: Agea, designed by Marconato & Zappa, is characterised by the striking legs rooted to the ground, as if to leave their mark in the space where they are placed. The legs support the padded body like two counterforts, giving the seat stability, charm, and an essential nature. Backrest, seat and legs are covered in a single leather, eco leather or fabric material, which reinforces the image of the Agea chair.

NOOR chair, design by Dondoli and Pocci

Delicate, clearly defined lines for the Noor chair, featuring a steel frame which is both light and solid. The design of the backrest, slightly curved at the sides, gives it a welcoming and comfortable appeal. The backrest and seat are padded and covered with leather, eco-leather or fabric.