is well known beyond the Hannover city borders for their breathtaking conversions. In regards to performance they can put up any comparison. The team lives their selected slogan “’The impossible gets done at once, but miracles take a bit longer”.

They did it again, means refined another Mercedes-Benz-Coupé S 63 AMG with the V8-biturbo-motor (cubic capacity: almost 5,5 liter). Unlike his “blue brother”, this project is dominated by the full vinyl wrapping in orange-chrome-matte and the widebody-design of the aero-kit by Prior. Thanks to the cooperation with PP-Performance the performance level has been elevated from original 585 PS (= 430 kW) up to 740 PS (= 544 kW) by chip tuning level 2. The wheel houses are filled with powder coated 15-spoke rims in anthracite-metallic – true eye candy. A lowering module can be activated via the steering wheel.

mercedes-benz-coupe-s-63-amg mercedes tuning chip-tuning rims aero-kit widebody refined another Mercedes-Benz-Coupé S 63 AMG with the V8-biturbo-motor.