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Focal is unveiling a high-end kit for cars, which is compatible with Porsche® 911 (922) vehicles.

Focal presents the P60 Limited Edition for Porsche customers

Leading French brand in acoustics Focal is unveiling a high-end kit for cars, which is compatible with Porsche® 911 (922) vehicles and offers an unrivalled sound experience on the Plug & Play solutions market. Only 911 units of the kit are available, making P60 Limited Edition an exclusive product. It is easy to install in the vehicle’s original locations and delivers the purity of its Focal Hi-Fi.

The P60 Limited Edition kit is the result of meticulous design and development work by Focal’s highly qualified acoustic engineers. Specializing in speaker drivers and cones, Focal excels in the art of creating Hi-Fi solutions suitable for all locations (home, car, studio, yacht, outside, headphones, etc.). Its mission? Delivering excellent sound that awakens the senses and arouses the emotions.

For this kit – composed of two woofers, three midranges and a pair of tweeters (front connection including central connection) – Focal opted for the ‘W’ cone and Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Exclusive to Focal, these technologies guarantee an unparalleled level of detail, uncoloured sound, powerful and dynamic bass as well as an even larger soundstage.

A high-end kit for Porsche enthusiasts

This new kit is the first – and so far the only – kit within the Focal Inside offering to incorporate this cutting-edge Focal technology. It catapults the brand’s Plug & Play kit offering to a whole new level, allowing any user to purchase a high quality audio system for their top of the range vehicle. Compatible with the iconic Porsche® 911 latest generation (992) model, P60 Limited Edition will be music to the ears of customers keen to combine a love of driving with a love of high-quality sound.

The high-end audio-kit is only available in a limited number

Only 911 units of the kit have been hand-crafted in the Focal workshops. In order to certify the uniqueness of each kit, the speaker drivers have a serial number engraved on their surround. In addition, an unscrewable, hand-stamped aluminium plate certifies all 911 pieces, making each one unique.

Keen to offer its customers an experience that goes beyond audio performance, Focal approached a designer to create sophisticated and convenient signature packaging. Decoration is at the core of Focal’s offering, with no details overlooked in terms of acoustics and aesthetics.