ferrari f8 tributo wheelsandmore tuning sports cars engine
wheelsandmore presents its sporty, elegant tuning program for the current Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Ferrari Tributo made by wheelsandmore

Magnificent, unique and in the truest sense of the word super fast: with the Ferrari F8 Tributo, the Italian sports car manufacturer introduces the successor to the Ferrari 488. wheelsandmore presents its sporty, elegant tuning program for the current Tributo model from the house of Ferrari. No question: the 720 hp 3.9-liter turbo V8 engine under the engine cover, reminiscent of the legendary Ferrari F40.

Of course, even a top-class sports car can never have enough power. From now on wheelsandmore also refines the new Ferrari F8 Tributo. This includes high performance in the form of engine tuning to 816 hp and 890 Nm, which makes the two-seater 347 km/h fast. Less noticeable and detectable is the use of an additional control device, which does its work next to the control circuit and leaves less obvious entries than a chip tuning. By means of a plug-and-play additional control unit, which wheelsandmore offers under the name “Tec-Tronic”, the engine power and torque of the Ferrari increases efficiently and safely. The performance box has a value of 4.999,00€.

Three wheel designs for the Ferrari F8 Tributo

To emphasize the wedge shape of the racer even more, the wheelsandmore forged rims with the designation F.I.W.E., FORK and 6Sporz² are mounted on the Tributo in the combination 9.5×21 inch on the front axle and 12.5×22 on the rear axle. The optimal tires are high-performance tires of the sizes 255/30 ZR 21 and 335/25 ZR 22. The complete wheel sets are available starting from 10.990,00€.

These alloy wheels for the Ferrari Tributo convince not only by a stable construction, but much rather by a greatest possible individuality for the customer. Surface and color are made exactly according to the customer’s requests, all colors with code and RAL colors are possible. Special requests such as manufacturer logo in the hub caps, own brand milling or engraving, a carbon look coating and color accentuating outlines are welcome at wheelsandmore.

F.I.W.E., FORK and 6Sporz² – Available sizes for Ferrari Tributo:
9,5×20 with 255/35-20 – 12×21 with 325/25-21
9,5×21 with 255/30-21 – 12×21 with 325/25-21
9,5×21 with 255/30-21 – 12,5×22 with 335/25-22

Lowering for Ferrari Tributo

Specially tuned for high speeds are lowering springs that lower the Ferrari by about 35 millimeters towards the asphalt. It even allows an amateur to perform the perfect ride on the track. These are suitable for the series chassis – can also be used with original lift-up-system. Price: 1.170,00€

Hydraulic height adjustment for Ferrari F8 Tributo

Consisting of a spring kit for lowering the vehicle in conjunction with the original shock absorbers, a lift-up-system is available that raises the vehicle by four centimeters at the front axle just by the touch of a button. Price: 5.940,00€

MegaSound for Ferrari Tributo

Matching the visual and technical demand, enhance your Ferrari Tributo to a priceless acoustic sound with this exhaust system. Already with the first gas push a gabble, or hoarse hissing up to high-frequency screaming escape the tailpipes of the sport exhaust system. The exhaust system is made of heat-resistant 1.4828 stainless steel. All made in Germany, of course.

Now all you have to do is call, make an appointment, optimize and drive off. According to the motto: Power, performance, individuality and pure fun….simply enjoy the extremely sporty feeling!