outdoor furniture modular padded waterproof
Solaris by FAST is an invitation to relax and contemplate the great outdoors.

FAST presents a collection of modular outdoor furniture

Solaris is an invitation to relax and contemplate the great outdoors. Its name draws its inspiration from the famous film by Andrej Tarkovskij, replicating its suggestions, the immersion in nature caught on camera as time slowly goes by.

Solaris is a collection of modular outdoor padded products that comprises three basic modules: a single square module, a daybed module and a hexagonal module (with or without armrests and without backrest in the pouf version), to be composed freely.

A genuine outdoor sitting room, Solaris stands out for its generous shapes and extreme modularity, ideal in both residential and contract settings. The linearity of the extruded aluminium frame – available in all the Fast colours – is softened by the generous cushions with a slightly rounded shape and the proportions between the upper and lower part create a surprising suspension effect.

The cushions, specific for outdoor use, have removable covers and are available in both the standard and waterproof versions. The backrest and armrests of Solaris can also be embellished with a flat rope braid, available in 6 colours and designed to match all Fast finishes and fabrics.