Explore the sofa that feels like a glove

The company Blasco&Vila is enhancing its product catalog with the Hardy sofa, designed by José Manuel Ferrero from estudi(H)ac who, by combining the essence of tailoring and upholstery, has managed to create a sophisticated piece that feels like a glove.

Created with comfort in mind, this sofa eliminates exaggeration and bulkiness to achieve a look and feel of elegance and timelessness, which can be customized from the set of fabrics. Fabrics that, along with the legs, determine the sofa’s visual identify as a design to be seen.

The sofa is designed for relaxation and rest due to its size

Hardy pays tribute, both in design and in its name, to one of the most “inventive, cunning and convincing tailors” from London’s Savile Row, Edwin Hardy Amies, who opened up a new chapter in the history of fashion by staging the first men’s runway shows at the Savoy Hotel in the British capital. A groundbreaking fashion show in many regards, as it was the first time where music was played on the catwalk and the designer accompanied the models.

“The Hardy sofa was created following the design guidelines that Mr. Hardy used in his creations. Inventive to develop a system of arms inspired by American cuffs and shirts, creating a highly personal set of fabrics. And cunning to turn this concept into a system of modular sofas that can make up a whole family of seating”, said José Manuel Ferrero.

The sofa is designed for relaxation and rest due to its size, and can be used both at home and in contract spaces, either in hotel lounges or private dining areas, among others.