Everyone’s a digital nomad

It’s been a long time since people using computers were tied to a fixed location – in theory, at least. Despite this, very few have so far become digital nomads. If you’re one of those who won’t settle for no compromises when it comes to their mobility, you’ll find the Dell XPS 15 − the world’s smallest 15.6″ performance laptop − the ideal companion.

Until recently, a lifestyle revolving around doing your work on a computer wherever and whenever you want was apparently reserved for digital nomads. Everyone’s familiar with working from home. But what about dealing with your professional or private affairs any time you want in a mountain hut, in your favorite city café, or even on the beach in some foreign country? It’s only in the wake of the pandemic that we’ve come to know and appreciate the appeal of this way of living and working – and to accept it.

The ideal companion

If you want to enjoy the benefits of digital nomadism without compromising on connectivity and performance, you should choose the right companion. The Dell XPS 15 laptop makes a persuasive case from the design up: It measures a slim 18 mm, and with a solid state hard drive has a starting weight of 1.83 kg. This makes it the world’s lightest 39.6 cm (15.6″) laptop in this performance class.

An additional plus: The anti-reflection, virtually borderless 16:10 display means you can enjoy work and entertainment outdoors, no problem. The display also offers a wide viewing angle so you can share your screen with others. With the optional touch display, you can easily navigate through apps by tapping, swiping, and zooming in and out.

Ultimate, day-long mobile performance

The XPS 15 is the most powerful XPS laptop Dell Technologies has ever built. Thanks to the latest 10th generation Intel Core processor, gamers and developers are also fully equipped for location-independent work. Equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics card, the XPS 15 accelerates your creative apps and provides fast video, graphics, and photo processing, plus rapid game transfer. Up to 64GB of memory and mass storage capacity are supported, including solid state drives up to 2TB, for quick access and execution of apps.

The Dell XPS 15 is equipped with Killer™ Wireless. Advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology and a theoretical throughput speed of up to 2.4 Gbps ensure the best connections. The Killer 1650 module automatically detects, classifies, and prioritizes streaming video, communications, and gaming traffic in your system for a fast and hassle-free online experience.

The Dell XPS 15 gives you longer battery life than any other 39.6 cm (15.6″) laptop: up to 24 hours on a Full HD model using productivity apps such as Word and Excel, or up to nearly 17 hours hours when streaming Netflix content.

More connection with Dell Mobile Connect

Dell Mobile Connect enables full wireless integration between smartphones and PCs, allowing Android and iOS users to make calls, send messages, receive notifications, transfer files, and interact with all their favorite mobile apps* right on their PC screen.

No longer divide your attention between your PC and smartphone when working, studying or gaming. Get call, text, instant messaging, and third-party app notifications directly on your PC screen. You control which specific apps can generate notifications on your PC. The full-size keyboard, screen, and speakers make text messaging and calling more convenient.

Dell Mobile Connect gives you direct access to your smartphone apps on your PC with advanced mirroring. View and control your favorite mobile apps on your PC screen with your PC keyboard, mouse and touch screen*.

Dell Mobile Connect also protects your privacy: your phone connects to your PC via a secure Dell Mobile Connect point-to-point connection, so your data is never exposed over unsecure Internet connections.

*Interaction with mobile apps by mirroring and transferring files is only available for Android devices.

Durable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly

Precisely milled from a single block of aluminum, the housing is stable and robust. The palm rest is made of carbon fiber, which is lighter and more comfortable than aluminum.

The XPS 15 is ENERGY STAR®-certified and free of materials such as cadmium, mercury, and certain phthalates, as well as being EPEAT®-registered and BFR/PVC-free. The packaging material consists of 25% ocean-derived plastics collected from coastal areas, and the remaining 75% is other recycled materials. More than 90% of the laptop can be easily recycled or reused.

All information about the Dell XPS 15 can be found here