ESSENTIAL HOME – The groovy modern home in Milan

This magnificent luxury home is located in the fashion and design capital of the world, famous for having some of the best design stores in the world is Milan. With its mid-century inspiration, the house conveys a vibrant and irresistible feeling in its pieces, with its mixtures of patterns, colors, shapes, textures and materials, giving it another life. The vision of this project is to create objects that describe “eras and emotions”.

This house with a vibe of the late seventies and eighties, an era that brought together some of the most dynamic and innovative thinking, with the incentive to unleash creativity, hedonism, rebellion and emancipation from the dominant culture. Composed of two floors, this house, despite having only two bedrooms, is a large house with very functional and incredible spaces. With a beautiful outdoor area with swimming pool, this project is anyone’s dream!

Starting from the ground floor, you enter the house and find a staircase from another world, surrounded by glass and illuminated in each step. With the huge Marcus lamp from the Mid Century Club. With a small modern garden composed of various types of plants and white stones, this entrance makes us curious to know the rest of the house.

The living room provides individual comfort

The living room is a very different area from the others described so far, because in general it presents much more neutral tones, such as nudes, and has many color touches in small pieces, such as pictures, pillows, the Caprice center tables, which are in orange with gold tones, and the Taboo side table which is in red tones. Besides the incredible view of the outside area of the house, it has a stone wall that immediately teleports us to the middle of nature, giving a more rustic and intimate style at the same time. The lighting along with the long, sophisticated fireplace give us the cozy touch we need.

For Draga & Aurel “We share a mutual passion for vintage, a reverence for mid-century design, as well as the desire for cinema with a little glamour mixed in” and nothing represents this thought better than the Xenon modular sofa, which seems to have been designed exactly for this living room, as it provides individual comfort and with its various modules multiple compositions can be created for areas of different sizes, never compromising on its functionality and comfort. To complement the sofa we have the Xenon armchair with features very similar to the sofa, which teleports us to the mode streets of the late 70s in New York.

In the dining area there’s an incredible Maxime dining table

The kitchen and the dining room have no partition, although they are very well defined. There are two dining areas, but the kitchen is for quicker meals and with few people while the dining room is designed for more complex meals and with a higher number of people. Darker tones reign in the constitution of this kitchen, where cherry wood is the most used material. In the kitchen we can see several light points on the cabinets where the dishes are exposed and even on the counter, which brings us an air of sophistication, technology and even gives us a sense of coziness because they are strategic light points and not very strong, creating a cozy environment.

In the dining area, we have the incredible Maxime dining table, round, all in ruby glass and with feet in polished golden brass complemented with the Roxy dining chairs, elegant that adapt to any style and project. These two pieces are the fruit of a vibrant collection designed in the Draga & Aurel X Essential Home & DelightFULL collection, the “Night Fever Collection”. As a prop we have the plants that balance this environment, all this sophistication is broken with a bit of nature that transports us a little to the outside. We still have a huge “wall” where the wine cellar is located, which seems to be an extension of the kitchen, because the cherry wood wall that covers the kitchen extends to the ceiling ending in the wall of the wine cellar. All lit with the latest LED light technology, with a steel structure and glass cover, the wine cellar is perhaps what best represents simplicity and elegance in this room. The wine cellar also serves as a divider between the dining room and the living room.

The office is a masterpiece!

Going up one floor, we have a lounge where reading can be done in a relaxed way, composed of the Mulligan bookcase filled with stories and adventures to read, consisting of an office area with an incredible view of the outdoor area, where you can work quietly on the Edith desk from Essential Home. This piece has a unique character, and can easily be the star of your work corner, inspired by mid-century the class of this piece is indisputable.

In the master bedroom – Minelli bed from Essential Home is the main protagonist of this space

Throughout the master bedroom there is a sophisticated and luxurious aura, the use of a rustic style in the stone of the wall behind the bed, with a more luxurious style in the use of golds and marble in front of the bed. The use of a darker palette brings us luxury and comfort at the same time. Minelli bed from Essential Home is the main protagonist of this space and its perfect combination with the side table Taboo in ruby color. To complement the room we have the master bathroom, composed by two sinks and two Diamond small mirrors and a bathtub by Maison Valentina, where glamour is the key word to describe this bathroom.