Egloo – Your personal fireplace powered by candles

October 31, 2017 – Art is Therapy will launch on Kickstarter Egloo, the world’s first eco-friendly way to heat, scent and humidify your room enclosed in a smart product with a unique design. Egloo, led by a group designers and engineers, wants to give people the ability to change the way they live their home. Imagine being able to bring your fireplace wherever you want create moments that engage all of your senses: the suiting sound of a crackling fire, the long-lasting scent that fill your home, the warm and enveloping warmth, the suffused ambient light…

In terms of aesthetic, Egloo is ideal to have around because it is both functional and rather stylish even when it is off.

Launching on Kickstarter this October, Egloo gives users a simple and sleek cost-effective heating method. Egloo utilizes the natural heat given off by candles to increase the degrees in the room. It works by placing the candle under the terra-cotta domes, and after about 15 minutes or so Egloo creates a comfortable heat that is trapped inside and released gradually, raising the temperature.

Egloo will be also available in the Artistic Limited edition

We also introduce the water cooling system that has multiple functions: it humidifies the environment, it scents the room only adding fragrances and it makes the device safer acting as a cooling system that keeps the temperature of the wax constant.

Furthermore, wicks are made in wood and this produces a higher flame and much more heat than the one of a normal candle. Egloo at its maximum temperature reaches temperatures up to 600° degrees, in total safety. The combination of wax and wooden wicks create also a suffused ambient light, perfect for your special moments.

Egloo, will be also available in the Artistic Limited edition. We put together the work of Italian artisans and artists asking them to create their artistic versions of Egloo, then we selected them to offer you the best. Those Egloo are all hand-painted unique pieces, limited in number: in each packaging you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity containing Artist’s signature.

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