CLOCKWORK by Exto is a family of sideboards that celebrates some of the functional elements that are used to build and open container furniture and that are usually invisible, because they are hidden on purpose. We have enlarged hinges and locks, emphasizing and enhancing them to the status of jewels which further decorate and embellish the container.

The impeccable perfection of the handcrafted making of these ‘small components’, the attention to detail and the precious metals used for the finishes (like copper and brass) make these elements – usually synonymous with ‘great series’ – unique and precious pieces.

CLOCKWORK’s handle is inspired by the mechanism of a clock and makes the opening and closing movement almost playful.

Sideboard in canaletto walnut, with structural elements and a decorative handle that can be in brass with gold finish, in polished nickel or in bronze. The interiors, with integrated LED lighting, can be in leather or finished with opaque lacquers. On the outside, the solid wood can be natural or finished with a semi-gloss handmade patina coating.

Even the hinges are exhibited as external piercings that accompany with their shape the rotation of the doors.

In this project that celebrates mechanics, the aesthetic and functional aspects blend harmoniously.

In alternative to the refined surface of the natural American walnut, a semi-gloss handmade patinated coating was chosen – perfected especially for the project – which recalls a fine Chinese lacquer. The internal LED lighting enhances the shelves covered in leather with elegant visible stitching. A piece of furniture that becomes the true protagonist of every interior». Francesca Lanzavecchia and Hunn Wai