Dieter Meier and Andy Hostettler launch the PanoramaKnife “Los Andes”.

Since 1996, the entrepreneur, musician and conceptual artist Dieter Meier has been engaged in organic farming, livestock breeding, 40 km south of Mendoza on various farms. With the brand “Dieter Meier’s Ojo de Agua” he imports his Angus- and Hereford Beef into Switzerland and in December 2017 he was awarded as best Beef on the occasion of a big Kassensturz (Product-testing Magazine) tasting.
The Ojo de Agua Beef and the Puro and Ojo de Agua wines are available at Globus, as well as in his restaurants in Zurich and Berlin.

Andy Hostettler suggested to Dieter Meier to expand his invention, the PanoramaKnife, which depicts the view of the Swiss Alps in relief on the blade and is thus very successful, to an Argentine variant, the view of the Andes from his vineyards near Mendoza.
Dieter Meier showed Andy Hostettler the pictures of his farm, with a direct view of the highest peaks and the 6962 meter high “Aconcagua”. That was incentive enough for daughter Reana Hostettler to design various products and above all the “Ojo de Agua-Anden-Panorama-Knife“, which will have its premiere at Globus in the presence of Andy Hostettler and Dieter Meier.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Globus Delicatessa on Bahnhofstrasse Zurich on 13 October at 12 noon with wine, beef and the super-sharp, original PanoramaKnife, where you will have the opportunity to taste wine and beef and experience the PanoramaKnife in action.

And if you don’t make it to the tasting, you can order the “Los Andes, Dieter Meier’s Ojo de Agua” products in our online shop and enjoy the wonderful Argentine panorama in your dining room.