Busy is a chair for indoor and outdoor use developed by Diemmebi in collaboration with Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari, natural evolution of laFILÒ, Splash, and S’mesh, whose common denominator is the thin steel-wire structure.

Its strong point is the surprising connection between aesthetics and functionality: equipped with a seat with a “polka dots” pattern, derived by subtracting aluminium circles from its surface, Busy has not only a pleasing appearance, but it is also light and easily manageable. The design of the body deserves further investigation, conceived so as to prevent the stagnation of water in the case of outdoor use, greatly reducing the risk of deterioration.

Innovative is the seat in printed-aluminium shell, whose assembly is done through a special technology that allows the winding of the sheet to the steel-wire frame. Busy is made in the outdoor version with powder coated shell and structure, while the indoor version has a chrome structure that matches the body by choosing among several colours: white, red, green, anthracite, grey, and black. It is a perfect example of pleasantness and functionality, making it ideal not only for the furnishing of cafes and restaurants, but also of airports and waiting rooms, in the bench version.


diemmebi chair indoor outdoor design

Busy is a chair for indoor and outdoor use developed by Diemmebi.