CIRCU – Designers who build Magic

2021 was a challenging year for us all and a year where people began to appreciate more their home and maybe change some aspects they were not content with and never had the time to do it. Circu’s Designers were also inspired to create magical rooms where kids will feel happy and still be create while being at home. Today we bring to you a very special interview with the Design Studio of Circu Magical Furniture where they talk about a very special project launched early this year, “Our Magical Rooms”, what was the inspiration and goal behind it and how they managed to get inspired during this difficult year.

The Design Studio Team also talks about the ID Service, a service where you can work closely with the designers and create a unique an exclusive room from scratch. “This last year we try to include in the new collection, Bubble Gum, pieces that were ideal to provide fun and activities at home.” – Circu.


Being Circu Magical Furniture a brand exclusively dedicated and made for children, what it’s like working and designing for Circu?

It’s magical. Sounds like a cliché answer but it’s true. Every day we have the opportunity to create something unique and over-the-top without almost having no limits to the imagination. That’s the beauty of working in Circu. You dream as high and you can and even when you finish designing a piece you almost wonder if it’s magical and dreamy enough.

That uniqueness that you refer makes the expectations of the clients and also from directors of the brand high? How do you manage that?

Our brand it’s known for one-of-a-kind designs. When you like at the Fantasy Air Balloon our Rocky Rocket they are not your ordinary pieces. So when you know that clients loved them so much the expectations for the new piece get higher because you want to maintain the same level of quality and uniqueness.

As the design team of the brand you may have heard this question before but how do you get inspired for creating new design, especially during the past year where the world stopped due to the pandemic?

We as adults have a clear vision of what the last year was and meant but children live in their little world – fortunately – and they still want to explore and play, even if it’s at the house. So our inspiration comes from then and by thinking that this pandemic was only a bad dream and we continue to develop the pieces and creating them. This last year we try to include in the new collection, Bubble Gum, pieces that were ideal to provide fun and activities at home.

Was it easy to do it through zoom meetings?

Well, they are challenges, that’s for sure. It’s easy when the team it at the studio working but we had to adjust and make it work. Our whole team and departments are crucial to bring the designs to life and to promote them as well. I think we got closer during this time.

Our Magical Rooms is a project that the brand launched recently. What were the inspiration and the project behind them?

Our Magical Rooms was a project that the brand decided to make in order for our clients to be able to explore our collections and pieces and to able to feel like they are seeing it in real life through the virtual tour. This is the first series of these enchanted projects that will inspire adults to achieve their kids’ fantasy and create the room they wished they had when they were little. Whether it’s for boys, girls, or gender-neutral rooms, we create both the most functional and creative designs, where every detail is customizable!

You create two different rooms, one made for a girl and another for the boys, what were the inspiration behind each?

For both rooms, we wanted to create a room that was both modern and where color played the main role. For the girl, we choose a wallpaper that was a statement and would have people just staring at the beauty of it. We played with different shades of pink in order to make it fun and with different shades to create an impact. For the boy’s rooms, we were inspired by the sky and the clouds. It’s a real-life picture of the beauty of nature – starting from the tropical wallpaper to the details of the room.

Why was the Cloud Collection the choice to décor both bedrooms?

The cloud collection was a favorite. It has a range of 14 pieces that all match and go together. All the pieces can be customized and we have a set of different shades it can be made in. And we wanted to present a complete room so this collection was the perfect choice for it. Besides that, the cloud collection has got very modern lines that clients appreciate and a lower price range.

Is the layout of the bedrooms similar? Can you give us a small tour through it?

The layout of the rooms is quite similar, they only differ in the lounge area where different pieces were used. So when you enter you have the “sleeping area” if you may call that where you have the cloud bed, the cloud nightstands, and chests that together make the perfect rest area. In the middle of the rooms, you have the dream desk – a favorite – with a unique shape and modern lines. On the left part of the room, you have a lounge/play area. In the pink bedroom, we used the cloud sofa and some pieces from the Fantasy Collection and in the blue rooms, the centerpieces were the illusion collection products.

The Magical Rooms Projects was, in some way, a replacement of what the brand would present at the international design fairs – canceled because of the pandemic?

That was definitely on our mind when we designed this project and when we thought about doing it. Our pieces provide a different experience when you see them live and the fairs are always a big and important event for us in order to connect with our clients and to showcase our new pieces. So with the virtual tour of the magical rooms, our clients can book a meeting with our team and get an exclusive and private tour through the rooms and get details about the used pieces.

What can we expect from the next projects?

They say the secret is the soul of business and we do believe that. But we can reveal that we are working on a playroom area with custom pieces, full of color and fun. We are very excited about the upcoming projects and what the future holds for Circu. The Magic will continue.