salone del mobile 2017 luxury furniture outdoor living area lounge chair
Outdoor sofa characterized by a typical caned pattern realized with hand-woven synthetic resin.

Chill out with a new concept of luxury outdoor living

DFN was present at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2017 with a stand dedicated to the Samuele Mazza Outdoor collection positioned in the prestigious xLux pavilion entirely dedicated to timeless luxury. Guests had live experienced the energy of colours and life in outdoors with a display set in a great winter garden characterized by the distinctive Samuele Mazza style.

The winter garden historically born as a winter shelter for citrus and exotic plants, now becomes an outdoor room furnished with furniture and accessories beautifully detailed, a refined setting that gives a nod to the most noble inner rooms of the house.

To welcome the guests there was a prestigious living area embellished with the Canopo T2 dining chair matched with the lavish Canopo oval table. Everything will be combined with other pieces of the Canopo series such as trolley and bioethanol fireplace.

salone del mobile 2017 luxury furniture outdoor living area lounge noble
The Canopo Bioethanol Fireplace, is an elegant way to furnish your home with an intriguing non-polluting heating system that will greatly enhance your outdoor living area.

The luxury outdoor furniture collection by Santi e Santi

The lounge area introduced a new set which completes the Canpo T2 family. Sofa and armchairs will be presented in an original two-tone version surrounded by vegetable sculptures and lush plants.

Moreover, among this year latest products stands out the Linear kitchen here presented in its bar version. This is part of the new luxury project dedicated to outdoor kitchens recently signed by Samuele Mazza. Entirely designed for an outdoor use, this complement becomes the perfect area for a total relaxation immersed in the smell of flowers.

salone del mobile 2017 luxury furniture outdoor living area lounge garden
Free standing island kitchen with integrated sliding table made of porcelain.

The colour inspiration that has been chosen as a common thread for the entire stand is green: a colour that has a strong connection with nature, symbol of wellness. Therefore, the green colour has been used as a base for several materials and textiles. The fabrics are covered with leaves but also with strong and full colours. Same shades and tones that can be found also in iron elements such as vases and lamps.

The final result was an elegant and refined total look at 360 degrees, unmistakably signed by the creativity of the Samuele Mazza Outdoor collection.

Samuele Mazza Outdoor collection is a trademark licensed to DFN srl.