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Børge Mogensen's outdoor series is now being expanded.

Carl Hansen & Son with new range of outdoor furniture

Børge Mogensen’s outdoor series, which was first introduced to Carl Hansen & Son’s collection of outdoor furniture in 2020, is now being expanded. The Deck Chair with Footrest provides added comfort for this functional piece of outdoor furniture which folds and thus takes up minimal space.

Børge Mogensen originally developed the Deck Chair series for his own balcony in the late 1960s when he lacked outdoor furniture that was comfortable, functional and space-saving. The idea was to create foldable furniture that could hang on the wall when not in use. Carl Hansen & Son reintroduced Børge Mogensen’s outdoor series in 2020, and is now adding the Deck Chair with Footrest, which provides optimal comfort as well as a light and elegant expression.
Børge Mogensen, who became known as ‘the people’s designer’, insisted on creating quality furniture that focused on user needs and which could endure for generations. This is also evident in his outdoor series, which combines highly durable materials and solid craftsmanship largely attributable to Børge Mogensen’s background as a cabinetmaker. The wooden slats of the chair follow the natural curvature of the body, and together with the soft cushion, provide excellent sitting comfort. The reclining wooden frame gives the chair a welcoming and honest look which fits perfectly into a relaxing outdoor environment.

The Deck Chair by Carl Hansen & Son is made of exquisite materials

The Deck Chair with Footrest is made of teak – a hard strong wood which, due to its high content of natural oils, can withstand a changing climate and ensures high durability. As the teak is untreated, it patinates beautifully over time, gradually acquiring a more silvery hue. To optimise the functionality of the chair, the loose cushion is made of weatherproof Sunbrella fabric which not only has a natural appearance but is also easy to clean.
“Børge Mogensen has been part of Carl Hansen & Son’s portfolio for a number of years and we are happy and proud to expand our outdoor collection with another classic from the design master. The series is not only beautiful, but also functional, comfortable and versatile, as it can be folded together and put away when not in use,” says Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son. He stresses that the new Deck Chair is an important addition to Carl Hansen & Son’s extensive collection of outdoor furniture: “The Deck Chair with Footrest provides even greater comfort, almost like a sunbed but without the heavy appearance. The chair therefore appeals to a wider range of customers, as it can be placed in gardens, on balconies and terraces.”
The BM5565 Deck Chair with integrated footrest will be available from March 2021.
Recommended retail price Deck Chair incl. cushion:
GBP 821,- incl. VAT
EUR 780,- excl. VAT
NOK 9239,- incl. VAT
PLN 4403,- incl. VAT