Cane-line’s new Parc furniture range

Golden teak is making a “comeback” to garden furniture. In Cane-line’s new Parc furniture range, the exotic wood is the main ingredient of a refined, exclusive and comfortable design.

After sitting in Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen’s new Parc chairs for just a few seconds, you can’t help but think that all chairs should be required to have a “body fit”. Sitting on wooden furniture is traditionally a hard affair, but with Parc, the designer duo has created the same comfort you find in a piece of upholstered furniture, as the teak follows the contours of the body in a gently curved shape.

The luxury furniture design by designer Hiort-Lorenzen

In addition to its obvious comfort and practical qualities, Parc also exudes luxury. The almost soft teak, with its dowelled slats (where the rivets are hidden under an elegant teak ‘plug’) and concealed joints, is a joy to the eye and the hand alike. The design team has consciously endeavoured to give the wood surfaces a clean look, unspoiled by a lot of aluminium rivets or screws.
“The beautiful teak should be allowed to show itself off. It has been all but banned in the design world for a number years as there was a huge excess of it around 20 years ago. Now it has been given a second chance. That’s great, because no other wood species that can withstand the same as teak. It almost becomes more beautiful and wonderful as the years go by,” says designer Peter Hiort-Lorenzen.

cane-line furniture chairs wood wooden luxury teak

Golden teak is making a “comeback” to garden furniture.