bulthaup develops multi-functional kitchen focusing on the people needs

People’s needs provided the inspiration for the development of the concept b.architecture by Bulthaup. People want to plan their living spaces in accordance with their wishes and lifestyles. They want to enrich their lives with moments of quality: the time to appreciate real things and true moments. The new b.architecture conceptual study allows them to create designs that reflect the architectural conditions and their lifestyles, and at the same time to factor the central importance of water into all of the details.

Following a detailed look at people’s needs, cultural preferences and the room itself, a complete room system comprising horizontal and vertical layers was born. It includes wall lines as well as surfaces for communicating and working at, or elements that are positioned freely in the room and which can connect or separate the space, depending on their user’s needs. Large panels with integrated lights can define rooms. Mobile doors can be used to quickly conceal or reveal areas.

Spending time with company is very precious. Meeting to cook together. Talking to each other, even while preparing the food together. Sitting or standing, depending on your preferences and what you are doing. This is why, for the first time, bulthaup is bringing a host of new functions to the table surface. It means that, while preparing food together, time can be spent with friends and family.

bulthaup ranks among the global market leaders in the premium kitchen segment today

b.architecture is all about appreciation: Appreciation of time, of the importance of the true moments in life, of the food we are using. The cooling and heating modules integrated into the plate mean that, for example, fruit, vegetables and wine can be kept at the perfect temperature. Small pull-out trays can accommodate tools to suit the chosen module, such as herb or vegetable knives which are then always at hand for food preparation.

Professional chefs can spend many hours without electricity, but only a few minutes without water. One of the fundamental concepts behind b.architecture is therefore to make water available wherever it is needed. The configuration shown here performs a mediating function between the work area on the wall and the dining and communication area. It not only provides storage space, but it also has a small sink for rinsing chopping boards or washing hands.

The concept of b.architecture by Bulthaup is strictly focussed on the users needs

In small, revolving storage modules that are attached to the intermediary unit between the table and wall line, frequently used accessories such as chopping boards or work cloths can be stored where they are quickly at hand.

b.architecture features horizontal and vertical layers. In line with the user’s needs, sinks, work surfaces and storage areas or drawers and fronts can be positioned with tremendous flexibility. A front which, when closed, conceals internal drawers and pullouts, can be folded down and provides unrestricted, easy access to the required contents for the entire duration of the cooking process.

About bulthaup

Founded in 1949, bulthaup ranks among the global market leaders in the premium kitchen segment today. The financially independent family-owned company is led by CEO Marc O. Eckert, who represents the third generation of the family. Driven by its passion for authentic materials, depth and functionality and for assets such as craftsmanship and design, bulthaup develops multi-functional kitchen and space systems that make focusing on what really matters possible: People – with their highly individual desires and needs.