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Blasco&Vila has created Âme, a soft reinterpretation of a classic, spacious and comfortable armchair.

Blasco&Vila presents the classic armchair created by furniture designer Stephanie Jasny

The company Blasco&Vila (B&V) has created the Âme Armchair, a soft reinterpretation of a classic, spacious and comfortable armchair, from the German designer Stephanie Jasny. Functionality and well-being characterize this piece that has been created from a modern combination of materials, featuring metal legs that support a cushioned seat that encourages reading, conversation and rest.

The softness of the upholstery and the padded cushioning of the seat, together with the extra pillows that come with this model, enhance both the ergonomics and the comfort of the Âme Armchair.

The furniture pieces by German designer Jasny create cosy moments

“I like the combination of an upholstered seat that rests on top a minimal metal frame, just like a nest rests in a tree”, explains the designer, who defines this piece as a “comfortable seat in an unpretentious armchair”. Designed for waiting areas and meeting areas, according to Stephanie Jasny, it is intended to be used in any space whose users “need to take a break from their hectic surroundings and who are looking for a cozy moment”. This could include hotel lobbies and waiting areas, but also a private home.

Jasny, born in Munich but based out of Berlin, is an industrial designer specializing in furniture and lighting, who materializes all of her creations in a functional, efficient, delicate and intelligent style that does away with superfluous details. Graduating in 2008 from the Universität der Künste (University of Arts) in Berlin, she created her studio in 2010 and is one of the emerging talents in German design. In fact, in 2012 she was awarded the German Design Award in the ‘Newcomer’ category. She has also been nominated twice for the Imm Cologne Innovation Award.