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Bentley Motors Europe has announced that ordering for V8-engined derivatives of the Continental GT and GTC will close mid-November.

Bentley launches exclusive Mulliner styling packages for the final Continental GT V8 models

Bentley Motors Europe has announced that ordering for V8-engined derivatives of the Continental GT and GTC will close mid-November in line with the Beyond100 strategy that sees every model line being offered with the option of a hybrid variant by 2025. It remains available in other markets. To mark this milestone, the designers at Mulliner have created inspiring themes that reinforce the positioning of the S and Azure derivatives that can be configured as additional specification on the last-of-line Continental GT V8s.

The five ‘Curated by Mulliner’ interior packages reflect a strong demand for personalisation among Continental GT customers, while representing an unique opportunity to put a personal stamp on Bentley’s ultimate grand tourer. Inspired by vivid accent colours found in the natural landscape, the special packages are available to Bentley customers in Europe – the Continental GT region.

Each of the five packages have been influenced by the natural world

The Styling Packages have been curated by the Mulliner Team, Bentley’s in-house ultra-luxury division based in Crewe, England. The packages are available for all Continental GT and GTC V8 models, including the comfort-orientated Azure and the performance-focussed S. Customers can also choose to enhance their chosen Interior Styling Package with an Exterior Styling Package, featuring matching colour accents.

The ‘Curated by Mulliner’ Styling Packages are a celebration of the continued demand for personalisation by Bentley clientele, a trend that has been growing in popularity since the original Continental GT was launched 20 years ago. Each Styling Package is designed to inspire customers creating their dream Continental GT. The vibrant colour options available include Key Lime, Vivid Red, Mandarin, Klein Blue and Turquoise. Further options can be added to each Styling Package, enhancing Bentley’s ultimate grand tourer still further.

Each of the five packages have been influenced by the natural world. Key Lime is inspired by zestful pigments that help to energise the travelling environment. For the performance-orientated GT and GTC S models, Vivid Red is inspired by Vermilion pigments extracted from the terrain of Aeolian landscapes, and Mandarin by the rich tones found In spectacular landscapes ranging from Icelandic magma craters to the Namib desert. For the well-being-focussed Azure models, Klein Blue is inspired by hues abstracted from elements of hyper nature, and Turquoise by the Cyanic scopes of the depths, from the Icelandic seas to the aurora lights of the night.

A ‘Curated by Mulliner’ styling package enhances the interior further

Including a bold colour accent from any of the Interior Styling Packages tastefully highlights key elements inside each ‘Curated by Mulliner’ car. This includes the contrast steering wheel spokes and gear lever, with a matching pinstripe on the handcrafted veneer trim. Mulliner colour-split seats are complemented by Mulliner deep-pile overmats, with contrast micro-piping in the chosen accent colour. Continental GT passengers are also greeted by ‘Curated by Mulliner’ welcome lamps when entering or exiting the vehicle. The optional Exterior Styling Package, only available with the Interior Styling Package, continues the same colour theme, with accent pinstripe to the exterior mirrors and body kit.

A ‘Curated by Mulliner’ styling package enhances the interior further. A Diamond Knurling Specification adds a detailed, jewellery-like effect to metal elements of the dashboard, while the Mood Lighting Specification controls the colour and intensity of lighting within the cabin, and the Bentley Rotating Display offers a choice of three dashboard display options. Other styling package elements include chrome pinstripe to the fascia and LED welcome lamps, as well as Leather Specification for S versions of the GT and GTC. The Exterior Styling Package is accentuated by Styling Specification and self-levelling wheel badges.