Become a better giver too!

Do you know the feeling when you think for hours about birthday and Christmas gifts and still don’t come up with what you can give the people who already have everything in order to evoke real joy?
Unpleasant, isn’t it?
Many of you, no, all of you have bought a PanoramaKnife from us in the last 6 years or spent the night in the Home of PanoramaKnife. Thank you very much! And that’s why we don’t need to explain this sharp idea to you.
But maybe you don’t know all of our new products yet, or you’d be happy if we could give you a brief introduction to our gift ideas. This is a selection of our most popular combination offers, usually a bit cheaper than buying them individually.
1st idea: Limited vintage edition made of Davos sledge wood.


Many of us have experienced first adventures in the snow on it: The DAVOSER sled is connected with emotions and stories. Today, some are standing unused in cellars, garages and attics. The designer Reana Hostettler had the idea of a collector’s edition. The panorama consists of 18 well-known Swiss peaks, distributed on 2 universal knives, packed in a beautiful wooden box. The handles are made of larch, ash, beech, partly indefinable wood. For 189 CHF, this fine piece belongs to you or your loved one.


2nd idea: Knive + wood product or several knives in a set.


Combine a knive and a wooden chopping board as you like. For example, a bread knife with the matching board – with a panorama of your favourite region. Take a look around and you will find gift sets from 89 CHF (Breakfast knife Set) to 399 CHF (Deluxe set with board, knife drawer and 3 knives).


3rd idea: Reinhold Messner’s 7 Summits and the 14 x 8’000s.


Reinhold Messer has just designed two Special Editions for mountaineers and all climbing fans, available in various versions also as a gift set. Of course with his signature and for very few even with a piece of original rope from the mountain legend. The pocket knives fulfil the highest demands on their function. Knives from 99 CHF, sets from 169 CHF.
4th idea: Dieter Meier’s “Ojo de Agua” universal knife “Los Andes”.


The Angus Beef from Dieter Meier’s cattle farms in Argentina regularly wins in taste tests and his organic wines from Mendoza also receive top marks again and again. You can find the set consisting of the universal knife “Los Andes” (or any other universal knife with your desired panorama) and 2 bottles of Ojo de Agua Malbec here for only 99 CHF and the universal knife alone for 69 CHF.

5th idea: Cheese knife of your choice, with the Glass plate from Hergiswil.


Robert Niederer has designed a beautiful cheese plate especially for our cheese knives. All our panoramas fit in there (we already have 12 different ones). You have the choice for 199 CHF. And if you already have a cheese knife from us – the plate on its own costs 130 CHF.
6th idea: Steinlin Gentlemen set.


Because you never really know what to give, especially for the gentlemen of the world. Pocket knife, case, chain in a lunchbox + Steinlin hip flask and the really important bottle head (so he doesn’t drink it all at once) for 179 CHF instead of 197 CHF.
7th idea: Steinlin Ladies Set.


Because the gentlemen of the world never know what to give to their better halves: Our set of 4 steak knives + 4 Steinlin placemats and 4 quality felt glass coasters for 139 CHF instead of 157.40 CHF.
8th idea: Stedy set – 4 steak knives, 2 marinades and 3 spices.


Our best selling set 2018, can’t be soooo wrong if you give it as a present. Brings spice and sharpness to any relationship: for 119 CHF instead of 139 CHF.
9th idea: The Alpenhirt Set.


A universal knife of your choice and 4 of the best Salsiz that Grisons can produce. From the young entrepreneur Adrian Hirt, who was awarded for it in 2014. For only 89 CHF.
10th idea: Fromage Mauerhofer.



Set Mauerhofer I

Set Mauerhofer II

An advertiser who has decided to produce the best cheese in Switzerland. Did he succeed? We think so. You’ll find out when you order one of the two sets from us. Set I: 4 x 200 grams of the best raw milk cheese and our cheese knife of your choice for 99 CHF or Set II: plus the matching wooden chopping board for 179 CHF alltogether.
11th idea: Our favourite Biber.


The 510 gram Original Biber from Appenzell. Together with the universal knife of your choice, you can divide it into up to 37 pieces for the whole family. Ah, there are only four of you. Also possible. For 79 CHF.
Did we overwhelm you? We will be happy to help you with your selection, call us on +41 71 663 20 35 or visit us from 29 November to 22 December at the Christmas Market in Constance, from 13 to 16 December at the Christmas Market in Ermatingen or at any office time at the Home of PanoramaKnife, the Hotel Ermatingerhof in Ermatingen. There’s also the Factory Outlet, with one or the other bargain.
Save 20 CHF: If you order until 19 December with the code PK-Bettergiver, your purchase price from 89 CHF will be reduced by 20 CHF. And you still have the guarantee that the parcel will arrive before Christmas.