BBQ, cheese board or even vegan?

A typical Swiss agony of choice when expecting guests or many soccer-nights. PanoramaKnife has the answer:

It is: „No matter, the main thing is that we will cut whatever comes to the table using the most beautiful Swiss mountains.“

However – is it really that simple? Are we biting off more than we can chew?

Yes and no. Of course we cannot say that food tastes better when cut with our knives. But the eye plays an important role when eating and looking at the beautiful, hand-made knives and wooden cutting boards makes sure that a cheerful mood is already at the table.

To raise your mood while shopping we have composed two co-operations for you:

Pleasure Co-operation with Stedy, the Thurgau spice magicians:
4 Steak Knives accompanied by the 3 most popular BBQ spices and 2 most tasty marinades from the family company Stedy from Weinfelden.

Including the following products:

• 4 Steak Knives in one pack showing the peaks of: Finsteraarhorn, Pilatus, Monte Generoso, Säntis, Piz Bernina, Tödi, Stanserhorn, Titlis, Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, Dufourspitze, Matterhorn, Dents du Midi, Mont Blanc, Niesen, Calanda, Dom, Mythen, Rigi
• 3 BBQ Spices: Meat-Spice, Schtiek-Huus Pepper, Potato-Spice
• 2 Stedy Marinades: Chicken and Appenzeller

The whole set for the special price of 119 CHF instead of 139 CHF.

Design Co-Operation with Hergiswiler Glasi (Glass Blowers):
2 brands, 1 product, very rare, in this case.

The cheese platter from the Hergiswiler Glass manufacture: there are only very few brands that develop products together. It works well in this case because the traditional brand Hergiswil and the rookie PanoramaKnife stand fort he same values: Swiss quality, Swiss design, emotion and beauty as well as functionality.

The cheese platter matches all PanoramaKnife cheese knives.

Including the following products:
• Cheese Knife with walnut wood handle. Choose from a dozend different motifs. Brand new: cheese knife Alpstein-Churfirsten, Lake Geneva and Best of Ticino.
• Glass cheese platter (31,4 x 24 x 3 cm, 3,3 kg)

The set will cost 199 CHF, cheese knife on its own up from 69 CHF.

So now you have the agony of choice again. But let`s be honest: shopping would be boring if there was only one product. By the way – the Steak Knives also cut Pizza and tomatoes, carrots, soy beans, asparagus, quinoa. Everything that is good for your body when made small.

And if you use the code PK-QualderWahl when ordering, we will give you the shipping costs for free.