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The Harmonies Collection is a limited collection of wireless speakers and is now available in the Bang & Olufsen retail stores.

Bang & Olufsen is introducing a new limited collection of wireless speaker systems

The new Harmonies Collection fuses the cool Nordic minimalism of Bang & Olufsen design with a breath of natural green colour tones. The collection encompasses a selection of five carefully selected wireless speaker systems from Bang & Olufsen, and is the latest offering of alternative style choices that match the current design trend towards bolder and more colourful home interiors.

The Harmonies Collection design is based around a lush and organic Infantry Green tone. On aluminum surfaces Infantry Green will vary from a dark golden tone to an alluring green, depending on the reflections and intensity of light. Similarly, the fabrics used in the collection will trick the eye as it appears both green and earthy brown from different angles and in different lighting. Right now, a wave of organic inspired trends sweep through interior design. Dark earthy tones and shades of green are invited in to set a new mood for home decoration. Growing your own outdoor or indoor ‘urban garden’ is reflected in colours chosen for walls, furniture and home accessories – all in matching earthy and leafy hues.

The limited collection of wireless speakers by Bang & Olufsen is now available

The name Harmonies derives from the word harmony which describes an orderly and pleasing combination of different elements. Just as harmony in nature or music this selection of wireless speakers in the Harmonies Collection are not only aesthetically aligned – they also perform technologically in a perfect symbiosis. The speakers are equipped with the Bang & Olufsen multiroom functionality, which allows you to have the speakers play different music in different rooms or seamlessly connect to have one tune flow throughout your home. By providing excellent sound performance and optimum connectivity with absolute freedom of placement – in combination with new colour options – the Harmonies Collection is designed for modern flexible living. These wireless speaker systems easily adapt to the rhythm of everyday life and different domestic settings.

The Harmonies Collection is a limited collection of wireless speakers and is now available in the Bang & Olufsen retail stores. The products carry the same price tag as the standard variants.