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The shape of the body is so appealing that the tuner Wheelsandmore didn't install any aerodynamic components for the creation „GT-RS“.

Aston Martin DB11 GT-RS by Wheelsandmore

Everything new at Aston Martin – Probably the most important model in the portfolio of the traditionally sports-car manufactory replaces the old DB9 with modern technology and offers to the solvent customer everything what is expected today of a sporty GT in this league.

The completely re-designed V12 engine with 5.2 liters capacity and bi-turbocharging delivers 608 hp at a maximum of 700 Nm of torque in the serie state and transmits the power via an 8-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels up to a maximum top speed of 322 km/h (200mph).

Wheelsandmore wouldn’t be one of the world’s experts for refining of such sports- and supersports-cars if they left their hands from the long-awaited successor of the Aston Martin DB9. The shape of the body is so appealing that the tuner didn’t install any aerodynamic components for the creation „GT-RS“. The refiner strictly concentrates on the optimization of performance, weight and the exchange of the wheel design and sizes.

The tuning program for the brand new Aston Martin DB11

From the brand new released Aston Martin DB11 tuning program the two wheel designs 6Sporz² and F.I.W.E. were mounted on the DB11 in different finish. The high-end quality of the forged multipiece wheels from Wheelsandmore is clarified as those rims are produced exclusively by hand and TUV-approved in Germany. Due to the multi-part design, the customer’s option in color and / or surface finish with nice gimmicks such as oem cap integration or colored outlines are nearly unlimited.

On the shown black DB11 the ultra concave designed F.I.W.E. wheels are sizing 9,5×20 inches with 265/35/21 Pirelli tires on the front and in maximum 11.5×21 inches with 315/30/21 tires on the rear. Those beautiful wheels were finalized with centers in the car’s color, combined with high glossy polished stainless steel outside rims.

Aston Martin DB11 is expected to perform at 700 hp

The spectre-silver DB11 presents the timeless wheel model 6Sporz², which is offered either sizing 21 inches all around and even sizing 22 inches. In this case the forged wheels were subtly and elegantly finished with carbon look surface on the centers and outside rims coated in the vehicle’s color sizing front 9,5×22 and on the rear 11,5×22 inches wrapped with Continental SportContact 6 tires 265/30/22 and 305/25/22.

The development of valve-flap controlled exhaust components and sports catalytic converters has already begun and will finally underline the turbo-sound, which is already nice but not sonorous enough to Wheelsandmore. In addition the luxury refiner is currently testing performance upgrades to provide the perfect tuning software for the currently most powerful V12 from Aston Martin. Expected are at least 700 hp and 820 Nm of torque …

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