Louis Vuitton presents a table clock version of the Escale Time Zone watch introduced in 2015. A contemporary interpretation of globetrotters’ timepieces, this steel and Rosewood timepiece allows you to view the time in all 24 time zones in a new and different, totally intuitive manner. This table clock also offers a new take on the GMT function and timepiece movements dedicated to modern-day explorations.

A designer of items for travel and for life, Louis Vuitton loves to use the symbolism of its inimitable trunks, essential accessories for today’s travellers who cross the world with elegance and refinement. The dial of the Escale Time Zone timepieces play on the colourful geometrical designs that have always been used by Louis Vuitton’s customers to personalise their trunk. Bands of colour, crests, initials and geometrical shapes are applied to the dial using an artisanal craft technique. Paint contained in a pattern plate is transferred by hand onto the dial using a silicon-coated rubber stamp, colour after colour. This guarantees precise markings suited to all kinds of shapes and graphics. In the centre of the sapphire crystal, a subtly striped disc bearing the inscription ‘Time Zone’ evokes the shape of a stylised globe. Against this backdrop that symbolically evokes the Earth, a delicate minutes hand stands out, along with a small triangle-shaped hand showing the local time.

A new travel complication

A classic GMT function displays the time in a second time zone, thanks to an additional hand or an aperture dedicated to this function. The Escale Time Zone table clock tells you – instantly – what time it is in the 24 time zones defined by Sir Stanford Fleming and ratified by the 1884 International Meridian Conference. The dial is marked with the cities’ initials, in colour and set out in two rows, making this playful travel complication easy to use and understand. Local time is displayed in the traditional fashion at the centre of the clock, with a triangle-shaped hand indicating the hour and a fine hand pointing to the minutes. A 24-hour disc, which can be adjusted directly from the crown, allows you to set the reference time next to the name of your desired city – and all the others will follow suit.

Quartz movement Functions: 24 time zones 65 mm in diameter Stainless steel and Rosewood with a sphere of mineral glass Dial with disc painted with hand-crafted transfers (6 colours).

Price €950


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Louis Vuitton presents a table clock version of the Escale Time Zone watch.