Aequo Audio presents its first loudspeaker to be produced in series

Aequo Audio is a Dutch loudspeaker manufacturer situated in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The area is also known as Brainport: one of the smartest high-tech regions in the world. Their website tells the story of how the designers and engineers of Aequo Audio believe in the credo of the region where they were raised: innovation trough collaboration, research and technology. The company, experienced in building high-end custom loudspeakers, has now used their knowledge to develop its first loudspeaker to be produced in series: the Ensis.

The Ensis is a very modest sized, truly full-range floor standing speaker. Its stylish shape resembles a music note. The fully closed enclosure is built with interesting in-house developed materials. It provides a three-way driver line-up, engineered to achieve exceptional precision and cleanliness in sound reproduction. This includes an active 10 inch subwoofer, controlled by an on-board amplifier and an analog hardware system for deep and natural lows. The hardware also provides a smart room size and speaker placement correction system, easily controlled by two stylish billet aluminum rotators.

A unique thing about Aequo Audio is their design-approach

The middle and high frequency section of this hybrid speaker remains passive. Specified as 8 ohms nominal and highly sensitive, it is made to work well with a wide range of amplifiers. The five inch driver is responsible for very open, or pleasantly detailed, midrange frequencies without coloration. It is accompanied by a tweeter system with a concentric dome and ring moving-surface, as well as some new dispersion-improvement technologies. The two transducers are time-aligned by the carefully sloped cabinet, and wideband phase-aligned by the low-order crossover, to deliver a spectacular, holographic soundstage.

A unique thing about Aequo Audio, other than the shape of their loudspeaker and its new technologies, is their design-approach. It is driven by a model created over the years: the Octagon Model. This model is used to evaluate the performance of loudspeakers in general, and more importantly: to design new ones! The model describes eight areas in quality for a loudspeaker. Like Room Acoustics or Dynamics, with many aspects involved. Their mission is to build loudspeakers that excel in all eight aspects of the Octagon Model. A mission not taken lightly, as it is integrated in the company’s logo.

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The Ensis is a very modest sized, truly full-range floor standing speaker.