For the Salone del Mobile 2017 Adele_C unveiled a selection of products to the public that are, above all, elegant. Guests are received in a welcoming, home-like environment co-created by the products and the exhibit layout by Calvi Brambilla.

Through the selection of designers who created the new furnishings, the collection conveys the company’s intention to promote a concept that is poised between continuity and innovation, achieving very different aesthetic outcomes accomplished with the utmost attention to craft – whether through an industrial production process or workmanship that relies on the skill of human hands.

The chairs and tables are designed by the Studio Baldessari

The family of chairs, armchairs and tables designed by the Studio Baldessari is called Bon Ton, an expression of the good, new manners with which wood and metal can be joined. And also the fabric or leather joined to them that, based on the principle of warp and weft, are woven ribbon-like to form the structure and the seat back of the chairs.

Among the generations of emerging designers, it is now the time of Selene Tunesi, with her Blu sofa. It offers an example of the extent to which detail can take center stage, to the point of suggesting the setting in which the sofa can be located. When open, the wing-shaped armrest gives it an enveloping allure and depth, suited to the kind of socializing that happens at home. Closed upon itself, it takes on a more formal tone appropriate to common spaces. The designs of Alessandro Zambelli deliver a dual impact – on one hand, thin metal sheets are folded like origami to become the Ori coffee table or shaped to form the base of the sculptural Araes dining table. With the Atena chair, the designer demonstrates an entirely different sensitivity to materials. By working wood according to the ancient art of cabinet making, and laser-cutting the hide, he throws himself into the arduous task of reversing the roles between structure and seat.

furniture furnishings adele-c salone del mobile 2017 design

With the Atena chair, the designer demonstrates an entirely different sensitivity to materials.